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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
4-Oct-2012Conceitos de qualidade e abordagens de gestãoSchmid, Anna Katharina
21-Jun-2013Construindo um serviço de acolhimento : uma abordagem pela prática vivida por crianças e adolescentes e os que trabalham com elesSchmid, Anna Katharina
23-Aug-2016Creating an international community of practice for quality development in residential care : the example of Hungary and SwitzerlandSchmid, Anna Katharina; Herczeg, Krisztián
2016Creating dreams and developing talentsSchmid, Anna
2016Creating dreams and developing talents : residential care in the best interest of the childSchmid, Anna; Herczeg, Krisztián; de Oliveira, Fábio; de Araújo, Douglas Augusto; Ibler, Renata
Jan-2018Creating futures: residential care homes in Hungary and Switzerland collaboratively develop their capacity to empower children and youth to actively realise their own futuresSchmid, Anna; Herczeg, Krisztián
4-Dec-2017Criando futúros : desenvolvimento colaborativo da qualidade de Acolhimentos Institucionais na Suíça e na HungriaSchmid, Anna Katharina
9-Nov-2015Desenvolvendo talentos e realizando sonhos : cuidados institucionais no melhor interesse da criança e do adolescenteSchmid, Anna Katharina; Dartora, Eber Cristian
2015Introduction to the special issue on inclusionGrupper, Emmanuel; Anglin, James P.; Schmid, Anna Katharina
2015Kinder und Jugendliche als absolute Priorität : Soziale Arbeit im Ausland : BrasilienSchmid, Anna
6-Apr-2011Organisational characteristics of residential institutions for young people and their meaning for quality management : learning from a grassroots street children's project in BrazilSchmid, Anna Katharina
2014Profissionais no acolhimento Institucional : exigências, competências e desenvolvimento profissionalSchmid, Anna
10-Dec-2015Residential care : national and international challenges and topics of development, lecture held at University of Pécs, Hungary, 10 December 2015Schmid, Anna Katharina
2010Das Strassenkinderprojekt als Organisation : Strukturen, Prozesse und Qualität am Beispiel eines Heims in BrasilienSchmid, Anna
8-May-2015Towards the right to a family environment for every child: Advances and Challenges in BrazilSchmid, Anna Katharina
2009Wirkungsorientierung in der Jugendhilfe : Modelle und Handlungsbedarf der Heimerziehungspraxis im Kanton ZürichGabriel, Thomas; Gavez, Silvia; Keller, Samuel; Schmid, Anna