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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016A match made in heaven : a hands-on GIS pipeline unlocks the potential of budget remote sensingGeilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick; Ochsner, Pascal; Döring, Michael
18-Apr-2016Budget remote phenotyping : potential and limitations of consumer-grade NIRGB and red edge cameras for early detection of plant leaf diseasesFahrentrapp, Johannes; Geilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick
2018Comparing multi-criteria evaluation and participatory mapping to projecting land useRohrbach, Beni; Laube, Patrick; Weibel, Robert
2014Computational Movement AnalysisLaube, Patrick
2016Computer-gestützte BewegungsanalyseLaube, Patrick; Gudmundsson, Joachim; Wolle, Thomas
2018Deconstructed and inverted multi-criteria evaluation for on-the-fly scenario development and decision-makingGeilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick
22-Jun-2015Food production in smallholder farming systems : developing a spatially explicit decision-model for trade opportunitiesJaisli, Isabel; Laube, Patrick
2015Innovative Fernerkundungslösungen im UmweltmonitoringOchsner, Pascal; Geilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick; Döring, Michael; Rupf, Reto
2013Mining candidate causal relationships in movement patternsBleisch, Susanne; Duckham, Matt; Galton, Antony; Laube, Patrick; Lyon, Jarod
2017Movement patterns in spatio-temporal dataGudmundsson, Joachim; Laube, Patrick; Wolle, Thomas
2018Moving ahead with computational movement analysisLong, J. A; Weibel, R.; Dodge, S.; Laube, Patrick
2014Moving beyond the point : an agenda for research in movement analysis with real dataPurves, Ross S.; Laube, Patrick; Buchin, Maike; Speckmann, Bettina
2014Multi-criteria aggregation for sensistive parcel-based census dataIndermühle, Selina; Laube, Patrick; Geilhausen, Martin; Zwicker, Thomas
2018Parameter-free aggregation of value functions from multiple experts and uncertainty assessment in multi-criteria evaluationRohrbach, Benjamin; Weibel, Robert; Laube, Patrick
2019Suitability evaluation system for the production and sourcing of agricultural commoditiesJaisli, Isabel; Laube, Patrick; Trachsel, Sonja; Ochsner, Pascal; Schuhmacher, Sarah
2015The effects of sample size on data quality in participatory mapping of past land useRohrbach, Beni; Anderson, Sharolyn; Laube, Patrick
2015The low hanging fruit is goneLaube, Patrick
2017Tourenvorschläge für Mountainbiker aus BewegungsdatenLaube, Patrick; Ratnaweera, Nils; Kessler, Sebastian
2015Unlocking the potential of raster-based land use scenarios : a ‘Field to Entity’ approach for realistic scenario visualizationGeilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick; Tobias, Silvia