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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021Bridging the gap between prosody and pragmatics : the acquisition of pragmatic prosody in the preschool years and its relation with Theory of MindPronina, Mariia; Hübscher, Iris; Vilà-Giménez, Ingrid; Prieto, Pilar
2022Distance and closeness : the im/politeness of space in communicationBrown, Lucien; Hübscher, Iris
27-Jul-2022Empowering young augmentative and alternative communication-users in their transition into adulthoodSpiess, Martina; Hübscher, Iris; Hohenstein, Christiane; Gantschnig, Brigitte
31-Aug-2022Gemeinsam junge Menschen ermächtigen : wie Linguistik und Ergotherapie zusammenspannenHübscher, Iris; Spiess, Martina; Hohenstein, Christiane; Gantschnig, Brigitte
2023Gestures are modulated by social context : a study of multimodal politeness across two culturesBrown, Lucien; Kim, Hyunji; Hübscher, Iris; Winter, Bodo
Feb-2023Indexing social distance through bodily visual practices in two languagesBrown, Lucien; Hübscher, Iris; Kim, Hyunji; Winter, Bodo
2021Interactional training interventions boost children’s expressive pragmatic abilities : evidence from a novel multidimensional testing approachPronina, Mariia; Hübscher, Iris; Holler, Judith; Prieto, Pilar
Feb-2023Multimodal im/politeness : introductionBrown, Lucien; Hübscher, Iris; Jucker, Andreas H.
Feb-2023Multimodal im/politeness : signed, spoken, writtenJucker, Andreas H.; Hübscher, Iris; Brown, Lucien
2022Multimodal mitigation : how facial and body cues index politeness in Catalan requestsHübscher, Iris; Sánchez-Conde, Cristina; Borràs-Comes, Joan; Vincze, Laura; Prieto, Pilar
2021Narrative performance and sociopragmatic abilities in preschool children are linked to multimodal imitation skillsCastillo, Eva; Pronina, Mariia; Hübscher, Iris; Prieto, Pilar
2022Pragmatic prosody development from 3 to 8 years of age : a cross-sectional study in CatalanPronina, Mariia; Hübscher, Iris; Vilà-Giménez, Ingrid; Prieto, Pilar
20-Dec-2021Rethinking the frequency code : a meta-analytic review of the role of acoustic body size in communicative phenomenaWinter, Bodo; Oh, Grace Eunhae; Hübscher, Iris; Idemaru, Kaori; Brown, Lucien, et al
Jul-2023The role of discourse markers, backchannels and pauses on discourse structure in Alternative and Augmented Communication (AAC)Hübscher, Iris; Hohenstein, Christiane; Spiess, Martina; Gantschnig, Brigitte
Feb-2023Within-speaker accommodation behavior in apology-centered interactions : the role of socio-pragmatic factorsIbrahim, Omnia; Hübscher, Iris