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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Adapting to populism’s (current and future) moment : political uncertainty and business strategyHartwell, Christopher A.; Devinney, Timothy M.
2020Burning the Rechtsstaat : legal institutions and protection of the rule of lawHartwell, Christopher; Urban, Mateusz
2020Central banks and institutional evolution in transitionHartwell, Christopher A.
25-Nov-2019Complexity, uncertainty, and monetary policy : can the ECB avoid the unconventional becoming the ‘new normal’?Hartwell, Christopher A.
2019Democratic institutions, natural resources, and income inequalityHartwell, Christopher A.; Horvath, Roman; Horvathova, Eva; Popova, Olga
2016Determinants of property rights in Poland and Ukraine : the polity or politicians?Hartwell, Christopher A.
2020Economic integration and interdependence in the Czech Republic : at the heart of Europe: the Czech Republic and economic integration with the EUHartwell, Christopher A.
2018Firm-level and institutional determinants of corporate capital structure in Poland : new evidence from the Warsaw stock exchangeHartwell, Christopher A.; Malinowska, Anna P.
2019Informal institutions and firm valuationHartwell, Christopher A.; Malinowska, Anna P.
20-Oct-2020Institutions and trade-related inequalityHartwell, Christopher
2021Managing around populismDevinney, Timothy M.; Hartwell, Christopher A.
2021Natural resources and income inequality in developed countries : synthetic control method evidenceHartwell, Christopher; Horvath, Roman; Horvathova, Eva; Popova, Olga
30-Jun-2018Old wine and new bottles : a critical appraisal of the middle-income trap in BRICS countriesHartwell, Christopher A.
2016PolandHartwell, Christopher
2021Populism, political risk, and pandemics : the challenges of political leadership for business in a post-COVID worldHartwell, Christopher A.; Devinney, Timothy
May-2021Portfolio frontier analysis : applying mean-variance analysis to health technology assessment for health systems under pressureBaines, Darrin; Disegna, Marta; Hartwell, Christopher
2020¿Queda espacio para crecer? : oportunidades para el comercio agroalimentario en el contexto de la modernización del acuerdo de asociación entre la UE y ChileDe Frahan, Bruno Henry; Hartwell, Christopher A.; Valdés, Alberto
2020Russia in the MENA region : a familiar tale of economic means to political endsHartwell, Christopher A.
14-Apr-2020Shooting for the tsars : heterogeneous political volatility and institutional change in RussiaHartwell, Christopher A.
2019Short waves in Hungary, 1923 and 1946 : persistence, chaos, and (lack of) controlHartwell, Christopher A.