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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020A closer look at constraints, stakeholders and boundary definitions in energy (master) planning between neighbourhood and districtHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
Oct-2020BuildSIM-Nordic 2020 : Selected papersGeorges, Laurent; Haase, Matthias; Novakovic, Vojislav; Schild, Peter G.
Jan-2021Business models for Energy Master Planning of communities and districtsHaase, Matthias
4-Apr-2022Business models for the decarbonation of districtsHaase, Matthias; Konstantinou, Thaleia
2021Case study of an NZEB (renovation) with 7 years measurement data – what can a designer learn from it?Haase, Matthias
2021Constraints, stakeholders and framing goals in energy master planning between neighbourhood and districtHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
11-Oct-2021Corporate real estate and green building : prevalence, transparency and driversRichter, Thomas Julian; Soliva, Eveline; Haase, Matthias; Wrase, Isabelle
1-Nov-2022Eight years measurement data of a deep renovated residential buildingHaase, Matthias
2021Energy issues in building and district assessment schemes and benchmarking systemsHaase, Matthias
2020Energy master planning on neighbourhood level : learnings on stakeholders and constraints from the Norwegian case of YdalirBaer, Daniela; Haase, Matthias
Dec-2023Focus on skills for a circular built environment in a new curriculum developmentHaase, Matthias; Wrase, Isabelle; Wang-Speiser, Zifei
2023From pandemic governance to PED agenda in the new normalHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
2022Implementation strategies for renovation concepts based on participative planningHaase, Matthias
19-May-2022Monitoring a deep energy renovated buildingHaase, Matthias
2022Optimization of an energy community in SwitzerlandKlaiber, Michael; Haase, Matthias
4-Apr-2022Positive energy districts in Norway and SwitzerlandHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
Sep-2023Quantifying energy-saving measures in office buildings by simulation in 2D cross sectionsWitzig, Andreas; Tello, Camilo; Schranz, Franziska; Bruderer, Johannes; Haase, Matthias
2022State of the art on sustainability assessment of positive energy districts : methodologies, indicators and future perspectivesGuarino, Francesco; Bisello, Adriano; Frieden, Dorian; Bastos, Joana; Brunetti, Alberto, et al
1-Sep-2023Sustainability in higher educationWrase, Isabelle; Haase, Matthias; Wang-Speiser, Zifei, et al
2021The energy master planning process for districtsHaase, Matthias