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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2010A flexible software architecture concept for the creation of accessible PDF documentsDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Horvath, Alexander; Dorigo, Martin
2023A new conversational interaction concept for document creation and editing on mobile devices for visually impaired usersDarvishy, Alireza; Heeb, Zeno; Beljulji, Edin; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2014Accessibility of mobile platformsDarvishy, Alireza
2020Accessible digital documentary heritage : guidelines for the preparation of documentary heritage in accessible formats for persons with disabilitiesDarvishy, Alireza; Manning, Juliet
2022Accessible PDFs : applying artificial intelligence for automated remediation of STEM PDFsSchmitt-Koopmann, Felix M.; Huang, Elaine M.; Darvishy, Alireza
28-May-2019Accessible tourism around Lake ConstanceHutter, Hans-Peter; Darvishy, Alireza
2022Age-appropriate digital channelsDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Seifert, Alexander
2021Altersgerechte digitale KanäleDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Seifert, Alexander
2016Altersgerechtes WebdesignSeifert, Alexander; Darvishy, Alireza; Roth, Stephan
2022Are Open Education Resources (OER) accessible to everyone?Pierrès, Oriane; Darvishy, Alireza
2018Assistive technologies : short overview and trendsDarvishy, Alireza
2015Auf dem Weg zur Gleichstellung?Johner-Kobi, Sylvie; Riedi, Anna Maria; Nef, Susanne; Biehl, Verena; Page, Julie, et al
2022Augmented reality for the visually impaired : navigation aid and scene semantics for indoor use casesFathi, Kiavash; Darvishy, Alireza; van de Venn, Hans Wernher
2023Automatic chart understanding : a reviewFarahani, Ali Mazraeh; Adibi, Peyman; Ehsani, Mohammad Saeed; Hutter, Hans-Peter; Darvishy, Alireza
2016Automatic paragraph detection for accessible PDF documentsDarvishy, Alireza; Nevill, Mark; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2019Barrierefreier Tourismus im BodenseeraumHutter, Hans-Peter; Darvishy, Alireza
2017Barrierefreier Tourismusraum BodenseeHutter, Hans-Peter; Darvishy, Alireza
2013Comparison of the effectiveness of different accessibility plugins based on important accessibility criteriaDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2016Conception de sites web adaptée à l’âgeSeifert, Alexander; Darvishy, Alireza; Roth, Stephan
2019Delivering together for inclusive development : digital access to Information and knowledge for persons with disabilitiesDarvishy, Alireza; Eröcal, Deniz; Manning, Juliet