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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Sep-2020Additive manufactured and topology optimized flexpin for planetary gearsHöller, Anton; Zumofen, Livia; Kirchheim, Andreas; Dinner, Hanspeter; Dennig, Hans-Jörg
2016BICAR - research concept for a sharing testfleetDennig, Hans-Jörg
2015BICAR : neue Dimensionen urbaner Mobilität für die Stadt WinterthurDennig, Hans-Jörg
2017BICAR : sharing mobility for the last mileDennig, Hans-Jörg
2016Bicar : sharing mobility for the last mileDennig, Hans-Jörg; Sauter-Servaes, Thomas; Hoppe, Merja; Burri, Adrian
2015Bicar : urbane Mobilität von morgenDennig, Hans-Jörg
1-Sep-2020Feasibility investigation of gears manufactured by fused filament fabricationDennig, Hans-Jörg; Zumofen, Livia; Kirchheim, Andreas
2-Sep-2020Function- and weight-optimized gear components by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)Zumofen, Livia; Dennig, Hans-Jörg; Kirchheim, Andreas; Stierli, Daniel; Waldburger, Michael Christoph, et al
2019Funktions-und gewichtsoptimierte Zahnräder : additiv durch selektives Laserschmelzen hergestelltKirchheim, Andreas; Dennig, Hans-Jörg; Winterberg, Simon; Zumofen, Livia; Waldburger, Michael Christoph, et al
20-Feb-2020Laser powder bed fusion of 30CrNiMo8 steel for quenching and tempering : examination of the processability and mechanical propertiesZumofen, Livia; Kirchheim, Andreas; Dennig, Hans-Jörg
2017Quality related effects of the preheating temperature on laser melted high carbon content steelsZumofen, Livia; Beck, Christian; Kirchheim, Andreas; Dennig, Hans-Jörg
Sep-2019Test stand for internally cooled metal gearsDennig, Hans-Jörg; Winterberg, Simon
Sep-2019Thermoplastic high performance composite gearsDennig, Hans-Jörg; Monn, Severino; Vodermayer, Albert
2017Why education and training in the field of additive manufacturing is a necessity : the right way to teach students and professionalsKirchheim, Andreas; Zumofen, Livia; Dennig, Hans-Jörg