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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Nov-2015Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms : Overview, Implementation in Selected European Jurisdictions, and Implications for SwitzerlandBetz, Regina; Cludius, Johanna; Riesz, Jenny
2014Designing prediction markets for international negotiations : lessons learnt from the climate summit in CopenhagenBetz, Regina; Cludius, Johanna; Twomey, Paul
2015Distributional effects of energy and climate policyKeine Angabe; Cludius, Johanna
2014Distributional effects of the Australian renewable energy target (RET) through wholesale and retail electricity price impactsCludius, Johanna; Forrest, Sam; MacGill, Iain
2018EU emissions trading : role of banks and other financial actors - insights from the EU transaction log and interviewsCludius, Johanna; Betz, Regina
Mar-2016EU Emissions Trading : The Role of Banks and Other Financial Actors : Insights from the EU Transaction Log and InterviewsCludius, Johanna; Betz, Regina
2015Is a market stability reserve likely to improve the functioning of the EU ETS? : evidence from a model comparison exerciseNeuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William; Betz, Regina; Burtraw, Dallaw; Cludius, Johanna, et al
2015The distribution of renewable energy policy cost amongst households in Germany – and the role of energy efficiency policiesCludius, Johanna; Förster, Hannah; Hünecke, Katja; Loreck, Charlotte; Schumacher, Katja, et al
Jan-2016The EUTL Transfer Dataset. Description and InsightsCludius, Johanna
2014The merit order effect of wind and photovoltaic electricity generation in Germany 2008–2016 : estimation and distributional implicationsCludius, Johanna; Hermann, Hauke; Matthes, Felix Chr.; Graichen, Verena
2020The role of banks in EU emissions tradingCludius, Johanna; Betz, Regina
2015The role of the financial sector in EU emissions tradingBetz, Regina; Cludius, Johanna; Schopp, Anne
Jan-2016Winners and Losers of EU Emissions Trading. Insights from the EUTL Transfer DatasetCludius, Johanna