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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-1016-dimensional smooth projective planes with large collineation groupsBödi, Richard
1989A new procedure for rapid calculation and visualization of dose distributionsBrändle, G.; Kaulich, Th.W.; Bödi, Richard; Nüsslin, F.; Faust, U.
1992A Rexx-controlled developing environment for implementing intuitive user interfaces (IUI)Bödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
2007Algorithmen füllen die LagerBödi, Richard; Fromm, Hansjörg
2013-02Algorithms for highly symmetric linear and integer programsBödi, Richard; Herr, Katrin; Joswig, Michael
1993Automorphism groups of differentiable double loopsBödi, Richard
1993Automorphism groups of locally compact connected double loops are locally compactBödi, Richard
1998-11-01Collineations of smooth stable planesBödi, Richard
1994-03Differentiability of continuous homomorphisms between smooth loopsBödi, Richard; Kramer, Linus
1994-02Fast algorithms for computing and displaying dose-distributions in tomogram-oriented brachy-radiotherapyBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
2000Implicit characterizations of smooth incidence geometriesBödi, Richard; Immervoll, Stefan
1992Intuitive user interfaces (IUI) : a CASE starting point for design and programmingBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
2007Inventory budget optimization : meeting system-wide service levels in practiceKorevaar, Peter; Schimpel, Ulrich; Bödi, Richard
2005-02Managing risk within supply chains : using adaptive safety stock calculations for improved inventory controlBödi, Richard; Schimpel, Ulrich
1995-11On homomorphisms between generalized polygonsBödi, Richard; Kramer, Linus
1995On the dimensions of automorphism groups of 8-dimensional ternary fields IBödi, Richard
1994On the dimensions of automorphism groups of eight-dimensional double loopsBödi, Richard
1994-11On the dimensions of automorphism groups of eight-dimensional ternary fields IIBödi, Richard
1994-01On the dimensions of automorphism groups of four-dimensional double loopsBödi, Richard
1992-11On the embedding of zero-dimensional double loops in locally euclidean double loopsBödi, Richard