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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
4-Sep-2019A theoretical basis for public sector accrual accounting research : current state and perspectivesBergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro; Schuler, Christoph
2019Benchmarking guide : integrating public sector accounting and government finance statistics: addressing the differences between international public sector accounting standards, government finance statistics, & the European system of accountsSchwaller, André; Kizilbash, Abbas; Vatyan, Arman; Bergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro; Horni, Pascal
2019A good practice outline of the multipurpose chart of accountsGamkrelidze, Davit; Alaverdyan, Karen; Fonseca, João Carlos; Stachnia, Agnieszka; Bergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro; Vatyan, Arman; Kizilbas, Abbas; Yeghoyan, Vigen
2019The political economy of administrative policy harmonization in the EMU : a discourse network analysis of the EPSAS projectHorni, Pascal
2018Good practice template to public sector accounting reform roadmapAlaverdyan, Karen; Fuchs, Sandro; Gamkrelidze, Davit; Halili, Kesjana; Horni, Pascal; Kizilbash, Abbas; Mackie, Andrew; Vatyan, Arman; Veronin, Angela; Zoricic, Hana
7-Feb-2017Kosten der HRM2-Einführung : eine Regulierungskostenanalyse auf Zürcher GemeindeebeneTrinkler, Gabriel; Bergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro
17-Jan-2017Debt containment rules in the era of true and fair accounting : fiscal leeway between hammer and anvilHorni, Pascal; Yerly, Nadia; Trinkler, Gabriel
2017Public sector accounting reforms and the impact of the IPSASsBrusca, Isabel; Bergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro
2017Rechnungslegung und BerichterstattungBergmann, Andreas; Schuler, Christoph
2017Serbia - public sector accounting review : report on the enhancement of public sector financial reportingWarzecha, Iwona; Crnomarkovic, Aleksandar; Grafl, Antonia; Ganguli, Ranjan; Fuchs, Sandro; Jovanovic, Sinisa
2014Rahmenkonzept für die Rechnungslegung der öffentlichen Hand : das IPSASB verabschiedet das Conceptual FrameworkBergmann, Andreas
2014Reporting the unmeasurable : comparing swiss performance budgeting experience to IPSASB’s consultation paper on reporting service performance informationRauskala, Iris Eliisa; Fuchs, Sandro; Fuhrimann, Sandra
2013Langfristberichterstattung nachhaltiger öffentlicher Finanzen auf subnationaler Ebene : notwendig oder unmöglich?Rauskala, Iris; Bergmann, Andreas; Braun, Robin
2013Applying the equity method as a means of consolidation in the public sector : experiences in OECD countries (2nd Draft)Grossi, Giuseppe; Bergmann, Andreas; Rauskala, Iris Eliisa; Fuchs, Sandro
2012The influence of the nature of government accounting and reporting in decision-making : evidence from SwitzerlandBergmann, Andreas
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