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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Jun-2020IPSAS in Latin America : innovation, isomorphism or rhetoric?Gómez-Villegas, Mauricio; Brusca, Isabel; Bergmann, Andreas
30-Mar-2020Allowing users to pick and choose : a conjoint analysis of end-user preferences of public e-servicesPleger, Lyn E.; Mertes, Alexander; Rey, Andrea; Brüesch, Caroline
2020Umsetzung und Überprüfung der IPSAS-Ertragsstandards : Neuerungen im Bereich IFRS werden berücksichtigt, vor allem IFRS 15Bergmann, Andreas; Wermuth, Marc; Fuchs, Sandro
2020Stocktaking of public sector accounting and reporting environment in PULSAR beneficiary countriesGrafl, Antonia; Schuler, Christoph; Fuchs, Sandro; Bergmann, Andreas; Horni, Pascal; Warzecha, Iwona; Boyce, Daniel
2020Fiscal federalism and subnational bond yield spreads : the Swiss caseHofmann, Roland
4-Sep-2019A theoretical basis for public sector accrual accounting research : current state and perspectivesBergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro; Schuler, Christoph
3-Jul-2019Warum Gemeindefusionen kein Wundermittel sindHofmann, Roland
11-Mar-2019Die dunkle Seite des Mondes : was steht den Staatsschulden gegenüber?Fuchs, Sandro; Grafl, Antonia Ida
2019The political economy of administrative policy harmonization in the EMU : a discourse network analysis of the EPSAS projectHorni, Pascal
2019Accuracy or rule of thumb? : taking stock of current value estimation practices for GFS reporting purposeHorni, Pascal; Bergmann, Andreas
2019A good practice outline of the multipurpose chart of accountsGamkrelidze, Davit; Alaverdyan, Karen; Fonseca, João Carlos; Stachnia, Agnieszka; Bergmann, Andreas; Fuchs, Sandro; Vatyan, Arman; Kizilbas, Abbas; Yeghoyan, Vigen
2019Back to the roots and then go ahead : leadership competencies for digital transformation in public sectorStoll, Aline; Dietrich, Simone
2019Making public concerns feasible : an empirical study on citizen conception of data protection and data securityPleger, Lyn Ellen; Mertes, Alexander; Guirguis, Katharina
2019Allowing users to pick and choose : a conjoint analysis of citizens’ preferences of public e-servicesPleger, Lyn Ellen; Mertes, Alexander; Hochstrasser, Andrea; Brüesch, Caroline
2019Was it worth it? : the territorial reform in the canton of GlarusHofmann, Roland; Rother, Natanael
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