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2014Cost-effectiveness of price reductions in fortified powdered milk for the reduction of micronutrient deficiencies in 6-23 month old children in the PhilippinesWieser, Simon; Brunner, Beatrice; Plessow, Rafael; Eichler, Klaus; Malek, Olivia, et al
2013Hospital-integrated general practice : a promising way to manage walk-in patients in emergency departmentsWang, Mathyas; Wild, Stefanie; Hilfiker, Gabriela; Chmiel, Corinne; Sidler, Patrick, et al
2013Cost-effectiveness of dabigatran for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation in SwitzerlandPletscher, Mark; Plessow, Rafael; Eichler, Klaus; Wieser, Simon
2013Burden of micronutrient deficiencies by socio-economic strata in children aged 6 months to 5 years in the PhilippinesWieser, Simon; Plessow, Rafael; Eichler, Klaus; Malek, Olivia; Capanzana, Mario V., et al
2013Inpatient hospital costs of febrile neutropenia as a consequence of chemotherapy for breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in SwitzerlandMattli, Renato; Eichler, Klaus; Pletscher, Mark; Wieser, Simon
2013A health services research approach to compare patient benefits and healthcare costs for end-stage renal disease in SwitzerlandEichler, Klaus; Früh, Michael; Hess, Sascha; Brügger, Urs; Reich, Oliver
2013Future organisation models for medical emergency services in the Canton of UriHess, Sascha; Früh, Michael; Eichler, Klaus
2012Vernetzte Betreuung bei Patienten mit Herzinsuffizienz in der Schweiz : eine KostenstudieEichler, Klaus; Krass, Alexander; Fendl, Anton; Thüring, Nicole; Brügger, Urs
2012Effects of micronutrient fortified milk and cereal food for infants and children : a systematic reviewEichler, Klaus; Wieser, Simon; Rüthemann, Isabelle; Brügger, Urs
2012Cost of acute coronary syndrome in Switzerland in 2008Wieser, Simon; Rüthemann, Isabelle; De Boni, Sylvia Nadine; Eichler, Klaus; Pletscher, Mark, et al
2012Implementing a primary care center at an emergency departement and its impact on staff satisfactionHess, Sascha; Sidler, Patrick; Eichler, Klaus; Senn, Oliver
2011Walk-ins seeking treatment at an emergency department or general practitioner out-of-hours service : a cross-sectional comparisonChmiel, Corinne; Huber, Carola A.; Rosemann, Thomas; Zoller, Marco; Eichler, Klaus, et al
2011Out-of-hours demand in primary care : frequency, mode of contact and reasons for encounter in SwitzerlandHuber, Carola A.; Rosemann, Thomas; Zoller, Marco; Eichler, Klaus; Senn, Oliver
2011Quality assessment of a randomly selected sample of Swiss medical expertises : a pilot studyStöhr, Susanna; Bollag, Yvonne; Auerbach, Holger; Eichler, Klaus; Imhof, Daniel, et al
2011Einblick ins Forschungslabor des Winterthurer Instituts für Gesundheitsökonomie : Einschätzungen zur revidierten AnalysenlisteDe Boni, Sylvia Nadine; Auerbach, Holger; Hess, Sascha; Eichler, Klaus
Results 46-60 of 94 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).