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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20-Aug-2019Entrepreneurship as catalyst for sustainable development : opening the black boxFilser, Matthias; Kraus, Sascha; Roig-Tierno, Norat; Kailer, Norbert; Fischer, Ulrike
2019The role values play for agency in institutions : a review of the new institutionalist literature on corporate social responsibilityRisi, David; Vigneau, Laurence; Bohn, Stephan
2019Cyber-Resilienz steigernPugnetti, Carlo; Casián, Carlos; Staub, Nicola; Ellenberger, Tobias
2019Corporate social responsibilityWickert, Christopher; Risi, David
2019Cultural Web : sieben Elemente zur Entwicklung der UnternehmenskulturRawitzer, Heike; Hefti, Jacques
2019Shared Services & DigitalisierungKlingebiel, Norbert
2019Den Verlust von Wissen vermeidenMüller, Andrea; Müller, Frithjof
2019Business process management tools as a measure of customer-centric maturityVojvodic, Mag. Milomir; Hitz, Christian
2019Implementing corporate social responsibility as institutional work : exploring the day-to-day activities of CSR managers in multinational corporationsWickert, Christopher; Risi, David
2019Knowledge risk management : how to manage future knowledge lossMüller, Frithjof; Müller, Andrea
2019Back to the roots and then go ahead : leadership competencies for digital transformation in public sectorStoll, Aline; Dietrich, Simone
2019Exploring the internal dynamics of corporate social responsibility implementation : the role of resource endowments and functional departmentsRisi, David; Wickert, Christopher
2019Power shift in holacracyScheidegger, Nicoline
14-Nov-2018Beyond compliance and integrity : developing ethical competence of responsible leadersSchüz, Mathias
1-Nov-2018Digital Leadership : Führen im digitalen ZeitalterMüller, Adrian W.; Loretan, Stephan
Results 1-15 of 394 (Search time: 0.035 seconds).