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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Feb-2020Fleet management in free-floating bike sharing systems using predictive modelling and explorative toolsTempl, Matthias; Heitz, Christoph
2019Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) : Minimierung der Nutzerrisiken und Betriebskosten mit einer risikobasierten Methode für den Unterhalt der BSASchtalheim, Uri; Ott, Stefan; Heitz, Christoph; Goren Huber, Lilach
2019Towards an ethical code for data-based businessLoi, Michele; Heitz, Christoph; Ferrario, Andrea; Schmid, Anita; Christen, Markus
2019User-based redistribution in free-floating bike sharing systemsHeitz, Christoph; Etschmann, Roman; Stoeckle, Raoul; Bachmann, Thomas; Templ, Matthias
2014On the economics of asset managementHeitz, Christoph; Goren Huber, Lilach
2014Churn prediction based on text mining and CRM data analysisSchatzmann, Anders; Heitz, Christoph; Münch, Thomas
2014Customers as investment objects : a new perspective on marketingHeitz, Christoph; Bütikofer, Stephan; Dettling, Marcel
2014Anlagenbewirtschaftung und NutzenmaximierungGoren Huber, Lilach; Heitz, Christoph; Sigrist, Jörg
2011Modelling customer lifetime value in contractual settingsHeitz, Christoph; Dettling, Marcel; Ruckstuhl, Andreas
2008Flow-time estimation in dynamic job shops with priority scheduling using a hybrid modelling approachSigrist, Jörg; Heitz, Christoph
2008Knowledge management in call centers : how routing rules influence expertise and service qualityHeitz, Christoph; Ryder, Geoffrey; Ross, Kevin
2008The concept of shadow price to monetarize the intangible value of expertiseFragniere, Emmanuel; Heitz, Christoph; Moresino, Franceso
2008Modal vector fitting : a tool for generating rational models of high accuracy with arbitrary terminal conditionsGustavsen, Bjørn; Heitz, Christoph
2007Rational modeling of multiport systems by modal vector fittingGustavsen, Björn; Heitz, Christoph
2005Process performance analysis and layout optimization for a medium-sized manufacturing enterpriseDietrich, Jürg; Heitz, Christoph
Results 1-15 of 19 (Search time: 0.015 seconds).