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Dec-2019Routes for efficiency enhancement in fluorescent TADF exciplex host OLEDs gained from an electro‐optical device modelRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt P.; Kim, Kwon‐Hyeon; Kim, Jang‐Joo; Nüesch, Frank; Ruhstaller, Beat
22-Nov-2019Modeling of intensity-modulated photocurrent/photovoltage spectroscopy : effect of mobile ions on the dynamic response of perovskite solar cellsBernhardsgrütter, David; Schmid, Matthias Martin
6-Nov-2019Solarbatteriesystem und transienter „NESPRESSO-Test“ in der ZHAW BachelorausbildungAllenspach, Cyril Armand; Koch, Rafael; Kinigadner, Elia; Carigiet, Fabian; Baumgartner, Franz
1-Nov-2019Experimental parameter uncertainty in proton exchange membrane fuel cell modeling - part II : sensitivity analysis and importance rankingVetter, Roman; Schumacher, Jürgen O.
31-Oct-2019Experimental parameter uncertainty in proton exchange membrane fuel cell modeling - part I : scatter in material parameterizationVetter, Roman; Schumacher, Jürgen O.
7-Oct-2019Implementation of quasi-static time series simulations for analysis of the impact of electric vehicles on the gridAllenspach, Cyril Armand; Hogger, Reto; Obusevs, Artjoms; Korba, Petr; Reist, Helen
1-Oct-2019Spectrum sharing and content-centric operation for 5G hybrid satellite networks : prospects and challenges for space-terrestrial system integrationGür, Gürkan
15-Sep-2019Photovoltaic systems with vertically mounted bifacial PV modules in combination with green roofsBaumann, Thomas; Nussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Dreisiebner, Andreas; Carigiet, Fabian; Baumgartner, Franz
Jul-2019Influence of the bias-dependent emission zone on exciton quenching and OLED efficiencyRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt; Ruhstaller, Beat
10-Jun-2019Consistent device simulation model describing perovskite solar cells in steady-state, transient, and frequency domainNeukom, Martin T.; Schiller, Andreas; Züfle, Simon; Knapp, Evelyne; Ávila, Jorge; Pérez-del-Rey, Daniel; Dreessen, Chris; Zanoni, Kassio P.S.; Sessolo, Michele; Bolink, Henk J.; Ruhstaller, Beat
24-Jan-2019New active charge balancing methods and algorithms for lithium-ion battery systemsOuld-Abdeslam, Djaffar; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Räber, Manuel
2019New PV system concept : wireless PV module prototypeCarigiet, Fabian; Knecht, Raphael; Baumann, Thomas; Brabec, Christoph; Baumgartner, Franz
2019Development and evaluation of open-source IEEE 1547.1 test scripts for improved solar integrationNinad, Nayeem; Apablaza-Arancibia, Estefan; Bui, Michel; Johnson, Jay; Gonzalez, Sigifredo; Son, Wanbin; Cho, Changhee; Hashimoto, Jun; Otani, Kenji; Bründlinger, Roland; Ablinger, Ron; Messner, Christian; Seitl, Christian; Miletic, Zoran; Temez, Iñigo Vidaurrazaga; Baumgartner, Franz; Carigiet, Fabian; Fox, Bob; Kumar, Sudhir; Kumar, Jeykishan
2019AMANDA : an autonomous self-powered miniaturized smart sensing embedded systemKouzinopoulos, Charalampos S.; Vujicic, Oskar; Tzovaras, Dimitrios; Bembnowicz, Pawel; Meli, Marcel; Bellanger, Mathieu; Kauer, Matthias; De Vos, Julien; Pasero, Denis; Schellenberg, Martin
2019DSTMS-based ultrabroadband terahertz time-domain spectroscopyPuc, Uros; Bach, Tobias; Michel, Vincent; Zgonik, Marko; Medrano, Carolina; Jazbinsek, Mojca, et al
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