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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Aug-2018Wave tracking method of hydraulic transients in pipe systems with pump shut-off under simultaneous closing of spherical valvesZhang, Zhengji
Jul-2018Accurate material validation of selected AU Polyurethanes under highly dynamic loading conditionsEberlein, Robert; Holenstein, Simon
13-Jun-2018Optochemical sensorFischer, Milan; Ulmer, Lilya; Venturini, Francesca
Jun-2018Generating research aims for legged robots : a market and dependability approachDoran, Hans Dermot; Hannich, Frank
7-Mar-2018Gewichtsoptimierte Aufnahmevorrichtung (Galley Attachment)Kirchheim, Andreas
28-Feb-2018A cost estimation for CO2 reduction and reuse by methanation from cement industry sources in SwitzerlandBaier, Jens; Schneider, Gabriel; Heel, Andre
6-Feb-2018Sicherheit von autonomem FahrenWirth, Patrick; Reif, Monika Ulrike; Hilbes, Christian
23-Jan-2018Additive Fertigung von metallischen BauteilenKirchheim, Andreas
2018Extension of analytical indicial aerodynamics to generic trapezoidal wings in subsonic flowDa Ronch, Andrea; Ventura, Antonino; Righi, Marcello; Franciolini, Matteo; Berci, Marco, et al
2018Industrie 4.0 für die SiedlungsentwässerungRüst, Andreas
2018Contingency ranking for dynamic security analysis using a trigonometric based indexSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr; Barocio, Emilio
2018An approach to analyse functional safety, security and SOTIF based on a comprehensive analysis techniqueReif, Monika Ulrike; Krauss, Sven Stefan; Frischknecht-Gruber, Carmen
2018Challenges and prospects of communication security in real-time ethernet automation systemsMüller, Thomas; Walz, Andreas; Kiefer, Manuel; Doran, Hans; Sikora, Axel
2018Drohnen als Partner im LuftraumChristen, Markus; Guillaume, Michel; Jablonowski, Maximilian; Lenhart, Peter Marcus; Moll, Kurt
2018Eye tracking as a debriefing tool in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) for general aviation pilotsRyffel, Chiara; Mühlethaler, Céline; Huber, Sandro; Elfering, Achim
Results 1-15 of 31 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).