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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
3-Dec-2016Towards a modeling language for Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) : Proposal for a domain specific language (DSL) for model driven Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) based on UMLKrauss, Sven Stefan; Rejzek, Martin; Reif, Monika Ulrike; Hilbes, Christian
Oct-2016Applied data science : using machine learning for alarm verification : a novel alarm verification service applying various machine learning algorithms can identify false alarmsStampfli, Jan; Stockinger, Kurt
5-Aug-2016Toward a fully cloudified mobile network infrastructureSousa, Bruno; Cordeiro, Luis; Simões, Paulo; Edmonds, Andrew; Ruiz, Santiago, et al
8-Jul-2016Highly interactive wireless video transfer based on WiFiWelti, Tobias; Rosenthal, Matthias
30-Jun-2016Ultra low latency wireless video streaming system for medical endoscopesWelti, Tobias; Rosenthal, Matthias
15-Mar-2016From sensor to business caseRüst, Andreas
24-Feb-2016A low-latency yet highly reliable wireless video transfer systemWelti, Tobias; Rosenthal, Matthias
Feb-2016Agile adolescence to maturity : experience leads to collaboration (Workshop)Biddle, Robert; Kropp, Martin; Meier, Andreas
2016An OCCI-compliant framework for fine-grained resource-aware management in mobile cloud networkingEdmonds, Andrew; Carella, Giuseppe; Yousaf, Faqir Zarrar; Goncalves, Carlos; Bohnert, Thomas Michael, et al
2016Efficient exploitation of mobile edge computing for virtualized 5G in EPC architecturesEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2016Cloud standardsEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs; Richardson, Alexis; Harsh, Piyush; Ziegler, Wolfgang, et al
2016Sentiment analysis using convolutional neural networks with multi-task training and distant supervision on italian tweetsDeriu, Jan Milan; Cieliebak, Mark
2016Um den Brei herumreden : die Bimodale ITLiebhart, Daniel
2016Detecting obfuscated JavaScripts using machine learningAebersold, Simon; Kryszczuk, Krzysztof; Paganoni, Sergio; Tellenbach, Bernhard; Trowbridge, Timothy
2016Speaker identification and clustering using convolutional neural networksLukic, Yanick; Vogt, Carlo; Dürr, Oliver; Stadelmann, Thilo
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