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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
8-Dec-2003Simulating electronic and optical processes in multilayer organic light-emitting devicesRuhstaller, Beat; Beierlein, T. A.; Riel, H.; Karg, S.; Scott, J. C., et al
26-Aug-2003Thickness-dependent changes in the optical properties of PPV- and PF-based polymer light emitting diodesLeger, J. M.; Carter, S. A.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Nothofer, H.-G.; Scherf, Ullrich, et al
2-Jun-2003Investigation of internal processes in organic light-emitting devices using thin sensing layersBeierlein, T. A.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Gundlach, D. J.; Riel, H.; Karg, S., et al
15-Jan-2003Phosphorescent top-emitting organic light-emitting devices with improved light outcouplingRiel, H.; Karg, S.; Beierlein, T.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Riess, W.
2003Mikro- und Nanotechnologie am Center for Computational PhysicsHocker, Thomas; Sartoris, Guido; Ruhstaller, Beat; Haller, Thomas; Schwarzenbach, Hansueli
2002Tuning of electrical and optical properties of organic LEDs using combinatorial device fabricationBeierlein, T. A.; Riel, H.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Hofmann, H.; Crone, B. K., et al
2001Transient and steady-state behavior of space charges in multilayer organic light-emitting diodesRuhstaller, Beat; Carter, S.; Barth, S.; Riel, H.; Riess, W., et al
4-Feb-2000Bias-tuned reduction of self-absorption in polymer blend electroluminescenceRuhstaller, Beat; Scott, J.C.; Brock, P.J.; Scherf, Ullrich; Carter, S.A.
6-Oct-1999Self-assembled nanocomposite polymer light-emitting diodes with improved efficiency and luminanceBliznyuk, Valery N.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Brock, P.J.; Scherf, Ullrich; Carter, S.A.
15-Jul-1998Subband densities in quantum wells under in-plane magnetic fieldsSalis, G.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Ensslin, K.; Campman, K.; Maranowski, K., et al