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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Mar-2003Plausibilisierung von Ozon, Stickoxiden und PM10 : statistische Methoden zur Effizienz- und Qualitätssteigerung der MessdatenplausibilisierungLocher, René; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Zentralschweizer Umweltschutzdirektionen (ZUDK)
2003Infrastructure asset management: better decision making by using "Value of Time"Steinegger, Rolf
25-Nov-2002Supervised clustering of genesDettling, Marcel; Bühlmann, Peter
2002Analysis of phase-resolved partial discharge patterns of voids based on a stochastic process approachAltenburger, Ruprecht; Heitz, Christoph; Timmer, Jens
2001Influence of magnetic fields on the coherence effects in the Na I D1 and D2 linesStenflo, J. O.; Gandorfer, A.; Wenzler, T.; Keller, C. U.
May-2000Smooth stable planes and the moduli spaces of locally compact translation planesBödi, Richard; Immervoll, Stefan; Löwe, Harald
2000Implicit characterizations of smooth incidence geometriesBödi, Richard; Immervoll, Stefan
Jul-1999Smooth Hughes planes are classicalBödi, Richard
1999Pseudogap and superconducting gap in YBa2Cu3o6+x : a raman studyOpel, M.; Götzinger, M.; Hoffmann, C.; Nemetschek, R.; Philipp, R., et al
1-Nov-1998Collineations of smooth stable planesBödi, Richard
Oct-199816-dimensional smooth projective planes with large collineation groupsBödi, Richard
May-1997Smooth stable planesBödi, Richard
1996Quasi-degeneracies in a 2-spin system : symmetry aspects and a perturbational approach to tunnel splittingSchatzer, Laro; Breymann, Wolfgang; Thomas, Harry
Nov-1995On homomorphisms between generalized polygonsBödi, Richard; Kramer, Linus
Nov-1994On the dimensions of automorphism groups of eight-dimensional ternary fields IIBödi, Richard
Results 676-690 of 697 (Search time: 0.108 seconds).