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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1993Studie 450 kW Photovoltaik-FassadenkraftwerkHochreutener, Hanspeter; Gnos, Stefan; Posnansky, Mario
1993Protective diodes for photovoltaic modules : task 16: photovoltaics in buildingsHochreutener, Hanspeter
1993Building integrated photovoltaic systemHochreutener, Hanspeter
1993Solaranlagen überwachen und ausmessen : modulares MesskonzeptHochreutener, Hanspeter
1993Visuomotor control of the relative movement of random dot patternsWüst, Raimond Matthias; Kappers, Astrid; Koenderink, Jan
1992A Rexx-controlled developing environment for implementing intuitive user interfaces (IUI)Bödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
1992Intuitive user interfaces (IUI) : a CASE starting point for design and programmingBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
1992MODRO : a modular concept for an application-adapted robotic systemNielsen, Einar; Hüppi, Richard Alexander
1992Visually controlled matching of pattern movementWüst, R.; Kappers, A. M. L.; Koenderink, J. J.
1991Evaluation of a water equivalent of snow cover map in a small catchment area using a geostatistical approachHosang, Jürg; Dettwiler, Katrin
1990Zwei Jahre Erfahrung mit einem Überwachungs- und Protokollierungssystem für gynäkologische Afterloading-BestrahlungenBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.; Nüsslin, Fritjof; Hirnle, Peter
1989A new procedure for rapid calculation and visualization of dose distributionsBrändle, G.; Kaulich, Th.W.; Bödi, Richard; Nüsslin, F.; Faust, U.
1989Processing of general image surfaces using a multi-framing methodBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
1987Entropy in the teaching of introductory thermodynamicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
1986A surrealistic tale of electricityFuchs, Hans Ulrich
Results 1936-1950 of 1950 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).