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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
26-Aug-2016Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in StädtenMoser, Corinne
28-Jun-2016Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in Städten durch Nutzung von VereinenBlumer, Yann; Moser, Corinne
2016Exploring how expectations of the future energy system shape individuals’ energy political attitudesBlumer, Yann; Moser, Corinne; Gregorowius, Daniel
2016Sports clubs as multipliers for energy-saving campaigns? : developing and evaluating a mobility intervention together with the city of Winterthur (Switzerland)Moser, Corinne; Frick, Vivian; Blumer, Yann; Stauffacher, Michael; Seidl, Roman
2016Netznutzungstarife im Zielkonflikt : Anreize für den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien versus VerursachergerechtigkeitUlli-Beer, Silvia; Hettich, Peter; Kratz, Brigitta; Walther, Simone; Kubli, Merla, et al
2016Grid financing strategies in the death spiral : a simulation based analysis of grid tariff designsKubli, Merla
2016Energy efficiency networks : a group energy management system as a business model?Eberhard, Jochem; Mai, Michael; Eberle, Armin
2016Decentralisation dynamics in energy systems : a generic simulation of network effectsKubli, Merla; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2016Renewable energy training and certificate program in ChinaWolf, Andreas; Jiankun, Zhu; Prandini, Markus; Witzig, Andreas
27-Aug-2015Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in Städten : Vereine als Umsetzungsakteure für Suffizienzmassnahmen?Moser, Corinne
2015The precarious consensus on the importance of energy security : contrasting views between Swiss energy users and expertsBlumer, Yann B.; Moser, Corinne; Patt, Anthony; Seidl, Roman
2015Promoting energy-saving behaviour in cities : formal social groups as multipliers of communal energy-saving activities?Moser, Corinne
2015Empirical analysis of impacts of governance optionsMoser, Corinne
2015How cities can foster local action in energy efficiency by utilizing middle actors : insights from a Swiss case studyBlumer, Yann; Wemyss, Devon; Moser, Corinne
2015Survey : potentials for energy sufficiency in Winterthur from a societal perspectiveHoltz, Tilon; Kuehn, Tobias; Moser, Corinne
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