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30-Dec-2005Recombination profiles in poly[2-methoxy-5-(2-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene] light-emitting electrochemical cellsLeger, J.M.; Carter, S.A.; Ruhstaller, Beat
18-Aug-2005Analysis of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) by environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)Yu, Hong Mei; Schumacher, Jürgen; Zobel, Marco; Hebling, Christopher
2005Synchronizing IEEE 1588 clocks under the presence of significant stochastic network delaysIantosca, Carmelo; Heitz, Christoph; Weibel, Hans
2005A dynamic PEM-fuel cell stack model for system simulationZiegler, Christoph; Phillips, Simon; Niemeyer, Jens; Schumacher, Jürgen
2005Model-based analysis of the current interrupt technique for the characterisation of porous gas diffusion electrodes in PEM fuel cellsGerteisen, Dietmar; Hakenjos, Alexander; Schumacher, Jürgen
2005Advanced laser micro-structuring of super-large-area optical filmsBoehlen, Karl L.; Stassen Böhlen, Ines B.; Allott, Ric M.
2005Miniaturization (0.2 g) and evaluation of attachment techniques of telemetry transmittersNaef-Daenzer, B.; Früh, D.; Stalder, M.; Wetli, P.; Weise, E.
2005IEEE 1588 : Verteilung von Zeit und FrequenzWeibel, Hans
2005Two-phase dynamic modeling of the PEMFCs and simulation of cyclo-voltammogramsZiegler, Christoph; Yu, Hong Mei; Schumacher, Jürgen
2005A model for planar self-breathing proton exchange membrane fuel cells in FEMLABZiegler, Christoph; Tranitz, Marco; Schumacher, Jürgen
7-Dec-2004Modelling approach for planar self-breathing PEMFC and comparison with experimental resultsSchmitz, Andreas; Ziegler, Christoph; Schumacher, Jürgen; Tranitz, Marco; Fontes, Ed; Hebling, Christopher
28-Oct-2004Modeling planar and self-breathing fuel cells for use in electronic devicesZiegler, Christoph; Schmitz, Andreas; Tranitz, Marco; Fontes, Ed; Schumacher, Jürgen
29-Jul-2004Characterising PEM fuel cell performance using current distribution measurement in comparison with a CFD modelHakenjos, Alexander; Tüber, Klaus; Schumacher, Jürgen; Hebling, Christopher
22-Apr-2004Control of miniature proton exchange fuel cells based on fuzzy logicSchumacher, Jürgen; Gemmar, Peter; Denne, Matthias; Zedda, Mario; Stüber, M.
2004FE-Modellierung von BrennstoffzellenHocker, Thomas; Heinzelmann, Elsbeth
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