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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
29-Jul-2004Characterising PEM fuel cell performance using current distribution measurement in comparison with a CFD modelHakenjos, Alexander; Tüber, Klaus; Schumacher, Jürgen; Hebling, Christopher
22-Apr-2004Control of miniature proton exchange fuel cells based on fuzzy logicSchumacher, Jürgen; Gemmar, Peter; Denne, Matthias; Zedda, Mario; Stüber, M.
2004Modeling of the planar self-breathing PEMFCSchmitz, Andreas; Ziegler, Christoph; Schumacher, Jürgen; Tranitz, Marco; Fontes, Ed
2004A dynamic two-phase flow model of proton exchange membrane fuel cellsKühn, Karsten; Ohlberger, Mario; Schumacher, Jürgen; Ziegler, Christoph; Klöfkorn, Robert
2004PEM fuel cells for the power supply of electronic appliancesHebling, Christopher; Burger, Bruno; Hakenjos, Alexander; Hesselmann, Jan; Münter, Harald; Pocza, David; Schumacher, Jürgen; Wittstatt, Ursula; Zedda, Mario; Zobel, Marco
2003Investigation of the cathode active layer of PEM fuel cells using AC impedance spectroscopyGerteisen, Dietmar; Hakenjos, Alexander; Schumacher, Jürgen
2003Influence of the microstructure of the catalyst layer on the performance of the PEMFC cathodeFontes, Ed; Byrne, Phil; Schumacher, Jürgen; Vasileiades, N.; Parhammer, O.; Schmitz, A.
27-Aug-2002Numerical modeling of highly doped Si:P emitters based on Fermi–Dirac statistics and self-consistent material parametersAltermatt, Pietro P.; Schumacher, Jürgen O.; Cuevas, Andres; Kerr, Mark J.; Glunz, Stefan W.; King, Richard R.; Heiser, Gernot; Schenk, Andreas
2002Analysis of one-sun monocrystalline rear-contacted silicon solar cells with efficiencies of 22.1%Dicker, Jochen; Schumacher, Jürgen; Warta, Wilhelm; Glunz, Stefan
Jan-2001Application of an improved band gap narrowing model to the numerical simulation of recombination properties of phosphorus-doped silicon emittersSchumacher, Jürgen; Altermatt, Pietro; Heiser, Gernot; Aberle, Armin
2001Device physics of silicon solar cellsSchumacher, Jürgen; Wettling, Wolfram
2000Numerical simulation of silicon solar cells with novel cell structuresWettling, Wolfram; Bucher, Ernst; Schumacher, Jürgen
2000Analysis of rear contacted solar cell structures for cost-effective processes and materialsDicker, Jochen; Sölter, Jens; Schumacher, Jürgen; Glunz, Stefan; Warta, Wilhelm
2000Numerical analysis of crystalline silicon thin film solar cells on perforated SiO2 barrier layersDicker, Jochen; Schumacher, Jürgen; Sölter, Jens; Zimmermann, Walter; Bau, Sandra; Warta, Wilhelm
2000The extraction of the surface recombination velocity of Si:P emitters using advanced silicon modelsAltermatt, Pietro; Schumacher, Jürgen; Cuevas, Andres; Glunz, S. W.; King, Richard; Heiser, Gernot; Schenk, Andreas
Results 16-30 of 30 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).