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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Sep-2016Simulation of photoelectrode impedance : extraction of water oxidation rate and recombination lifetimeSchumacher, Jürgen; Cendula, Peter
31-Aug-2016Service Prototyping Lab Report - 2016 (Y1)Lötscher, Tobias; Marti, Christof; Ramírez López, Manuel; Spillner, Josef; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni
26-Aug-2016Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in StädtenMoser, Corinne
26-Aug-2016Theory in the applied sciences, Invited talk Norbert Straumann to his 80th birthday, Seminar in Lavin, organized by Prof. Ruedi StoopFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
5-Aug-2016Toward a fully cloudified mobile network infrastructureSousa, Bruno; Cordeiro, Luis; Simões, Paulo; Edmonds, Andrew; Ruiz, Santiago, et al
Aug-2016Aerostructural performance of distributed compliance morphing wings : wind tunnel and flight testingMolinari, Giulio; Arrieta, Andres F.; Guillaume, Michel; Ermanni, Paolo
8-Jul-2016Highly interactive wireless video transfer based on WiFiWelti, Tobias; Rosenthal, Matthias
7-Jul-2016Delphi-Expertenbefragung zu Smart Cities 2035Zwahlen, Mirjam; Yildirim, Onur; Eschenauer, Ursula; Carabias, Vicente
7-Jul-2016Funktionale Dünnschichten : der Winterthurer Oberflächentag 2016Siegmann, Konstantin; Amrein, Andreas H.
Jul-2016A lock-in-based method to examine the thermal signatures of magnetic nanoparticles in the liquid, solid and aggregated statesMonnier, C. A.; Lattuada, M.; Burnand, D.; Crippa, F.; Martinez-Garcia, J. C., et al
Jul-2016Usability and validity of a novel smartphone application to measure shoulder range of motionKuster, Roman; Kellenberger-Züst, Marion; Heinlein, Bernd; Baumgartner, Daniel
Jul-2016A gas-kinetic scheme for turbulent flowRighi, Marcello
Jul-2016Experimental shoulder testing under in-vivo anatomy and physiologyKuster, Roman; Schmid, Bruno; Gossweiler, Lukas; Moor, Beat; Bouaicha, Samy, et al
30-Jun-2016Ultra low latency wireless video streaming system for medical endoscopesWelti, Tobias; Rosenthal, Matthias
29-Jun-2016Water distribution in a sorption enhanced methanation reactor by time resolved neutron imagingBorgschulte, A.; Delmelle, Renaud; Duarte, Renata Bessa; Heel, Andre; Boillat, P, et al
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