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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2012Linac radiation shielding under clinical conditions : radiation protection case reportHaller, Käthy; Scheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd
2011Effect of high dose per pulse flattening filter-free beams on cancer cell survivalLohse, Ines; Lang, Stephanie; Hrbacek, Jan; Scheidegger, Stephan; Bodis, Stephan; Sanchez-Macedo, Nadia; Feng, Jianhua; Lütolf, Urs M.; Zaugg, Kathrin
2011A LQ-based kinetic model formulation for exploring dynamics of treatment response of tumours in patientsScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2011Kinetic model for dose equivalent : an efficient way to predict systems response of irradiated cellsScheidegger, Stephan; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel
2011Dose-rate effect of novel radiation technologies : relevance for the clinical use and radiobiological modelsLohse, Ines; Lang, Stephanie; Scheidegger, Stephan; Sanchez-Macedo, Nadia; Hrabacek, Jan; Bodis, Stephan; Lütolf, Urs M.; Zaugg, Kathrin
2011CR-based method for measuring the dose distribution in an anthropomorphic phantomFässler, Christian; Lanzolla, I.; Egli, P.; Scheidegger, Stephan
2010A novel biophysical model describing repair modifications and growth inhibition of irradiated cellsScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd
2010Computer simulation of oxygenation and growth inhibition of tumours during fractionated radiotherapy : exploration of the dynamic system behaviourScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2010A kinetic LQ-based model for exploring the tumor response onto radiation including the vascular systemScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2009Understanding tumour dynamics in vivo : the potential of kinetic models in radio-oncologyScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2009A novel approach for biomathematical modelling to predict treatment response for combined radiotherapy modalities in vivoScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2004Uptake of 18F-fluorocholine, 18F-fluoroethyl-l-tyrosine, and 18F-FDG in acute cerebral radiation injury in the rat : implications for separation of radiation necrosis from tumor recurrenceSpaeth, Nicolas; Wyss, Matthias T.; Weber, Bruno; Scheidegger, Stephan; Lutz, Amelie; Verwey, Jorn; Radovanovic, Ivan; Pahnke, Jens; Wild, Damian; Westera, Gerrit; Weishaupt, Dominik; Hermann, Dirk M.; Kaser-Hotz, Barbara; Aguzzi, Adriano; Buck, Alfred
2002Physikalische Grundlagen der Dosimetrie im StrahlenschutzScheidegger, Stephan
1999Absorptionskorrekturen für diffuse Röntgenstreustrahlung bei Beugungsexperimenten mit FlächendetektorenSteurer, Walter; Kostorz, Gernot; Estermann, Michael Alexander; Scheidegger, Stephan
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