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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2021Long-term power degradation analysis of crystalline silicon PV modules using indoor and outdoor measurement techniquesCarigiet, Fabian; Brabec, Christoph J.; Baumgartner, Franz
9-Jun-2021A survey of un-, weakly-, and semi-supervised learning methods for noisy, missing and partial labels in industrial vision applicationsSimmler, Niclas; Sager, Pascal; Andermatt, Philipp; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Schilling, Frank-Peter, et al
5-Apr-2021Finite element analysis of wind turbine blade vibrationsNavadeh, Navid; Gorshko, Ivan; Zhuk, Yaroslav; Etminan Moghadam, Farnoosh; Soleiman Fallah, Arash
Apr-2021ValueNet : a natural language-to-SQL system that learns from database informationBrunner, Ursin; Stockinger, Kurt
1-Apr-2021Gas CellBergström, Pär; Hertel, Martin; Kondziella, Ralph; Tazreiter, Martin; Venturini, Francesca
Apr-2021Flight trial demonstration of secure GBAS via the L-band digital aeronautical communications system (LDACS)Maurer, Nils; Graupl, Thomas; Bellido-Manganell, Miguel A.; Mielke, Daniel M.; Filip-Dhaubhadel, Alexandra, et al
21-Mar-2021Why we continue to need energy efficiency programmes : a critical review based on experiences in Switzerland and elsewherePatel, Martin K.; Broc, Jean-Sébastien; Cho, Haein; Cabrera, Daniel; Eberle, Armin, et al
8-Mar-2021Dynamic conformal cooling improves injection molding : hybrid molds manufactured by laser powder bed fusionKirchheim, Andreas; Katrodiya, Yogeshkumar; Zumofen, Livia; Ehrig, Frank; Wick, Curdin
1-Mar-2021A study on the frequency dynamics of the ENTSO-E grid with increasing share of renewable generationRamirez Gonzalez, Miguel; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr
Mar-2021Two to trust : AutoML for safe modelling and interpretable deep learning for robustnessAmirian, Mohammadreza; Tuggener, Lukas; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Satyawan, Yvan Putra; Schilling, Frank-Peter, et al
Mar-2021Energieeffizienzprogramme : Lehren aus und für die SchweizPatel, Martin; Broc, Jean-Sébastien; Cabrera, Daniel; Haein, Cho; Eberle, Armin, et al
Mar-2021On the moral justification of statistical parityHertweck, Corinna; Heitz, Christoph; Loi, Michele
Mar-2021Design principles for energy autonomous logistics cold chainsScherrer, Maike; Rühlin, Viola
26-Feb-2021Cross Roads #21: Morphological Computation and ControlFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
11-Feb-2021Network‐based ionospheric gradient monitoring to support GBASCaamano, Maria; Juan, José Miguel; Felux, Michael; Gerbeth, Daniel; González‐Casado, Guillermo, et al
Results 1-15 of 3125 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).