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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-Oct-2018PROFINET Real-time protection layer : performance analysis of cryptographic and protocol processing overheadMüller, Thomas; Doran, Hans
Jun-2018Generating research aims for legged robots : a market and dependability approachDoran, Hans Dermot; Hannich, Frank
2018Challenges and prospects of communication security in real-time ethernet automation systemsMüller, Thomas; Walz, Andreas; Kiefer, Manuel; Doran, Hans; Sikora, Axel
2018Protecting PROFINET cyclic real-time traffic : a performance evaluation and verification platformMüller, Thomas; Doran, Hans
2018Atlas : examining the wider context of assistive roboticsDoran, Hans; Neumann, Silke; Becker, Heidrun Karin; Kollmar, Anja; Misoch, S., et al
2018Embedded velocity measurement using a sensor based on a fly eyeDoran, Hans
2018Anforderungen an Information Security Lösungen für Industrial Real-Time Ethernet NetzwerkeMüller, Thomas; Doran, Hans; Walz, Andreas
2017A bio-inspired auto-velocity detection algorithm for autonomous robotsGwerder, Erhard; Doran, Hans Dermot
24-Feb-2016Implementation of safe vision systems in FPGAs using high-level descriptionsDoran, Hans Dermot; Zapke, Michael
2016roboBAN : a wireless body area network for autonomous robotsGisin, Lukas; Doran, Hans; Gruber, Juan-Mario
2016Lockstep Prozessoren in FPGAs implementierenIdrizi, Gazmen; Doran, Hans; Zapke, Michael
2016Mit Observer und Symbolic Representation den Overhead der IoT-Kommunikation reduzierenLeibundgut, Prosper; Doran, Hans
25-Feb-2015Hardware offloading in communication controller designsDoran, Hans
2015TSN communication controller designs : assisting security and reliability by designDoran, Hans; Weber, Karl
2015Improving EtherCAT master-slave synchronisation precision using PTCP embedded in EtherCAT frames : a proof-of-conceptGanz, David; Leschke, Serafin; Doran, Hans Dermot
Results 1-15 of 44 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).