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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A mixed-method empirical study of Function-as-a-Service software development in industrial practiceLeitner, Philipp; Wittern, Erik; Spillner, Josef; Hummer, Waldemar
2018-09Datenbasierte Service-InnovationMeierhofer, Jürg
2018-06Energieautarke LüftungssteuerungGruber, Juan-Mario; Rieben, Daniel
2018-05-27Sources of satisfaction in agile software developmentBiddle, Robert; Meier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin; Anslow, Craig
2018-04Beziehungsprobleme : 50 Jahre PortabilitätLiebhart, Daniel
2018-03-26Realtime signal processing on NVIDIA TX2 using CUDAWeiss, Armin; Rosenthal, Matthias; Mazloumian, Amin
2018Speaker clustering using dominant setsHibraj, Feliks; Vascon, Sebastiano; Stadelmann, Thilo; Pelillo, Marcello
2018Data driven servitization for SMEs in manufacturingMeierhofer, Jürg
2018DeepScores : a dataset for segmentation, detection and classification of tiny objectsTuggener, Lukas; Elezi, Ismail; Schmidhuber, Jürgen; Pelillo, Marcello; Stadelmann, Thilo
2018Stress in agile software development : practices and outcomesMeier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin; Anslow, Craig; Biddle, Robert
2018Trace and detect adversarial attacks on CNNs using feature response mapsAmirian, Mohammadreza; Schwenker, Friedhelm; Stadelmann, Thilo
2018Dokspot : securely linking healthcare products with online instructionsLapagna, Kevin; Zollinger, Moritz; Rennhard, Marc; Strobel, Hans; Derché, Cyrille
2018Exploiting the potential of web application vulnerability scanningEsposito, Damiano; Rennhard, Marc; Ruf, Lukas; Wagner, Arno
2018End-to-end methodological approach for the data-driven design of customer-centered digital servicesMeierhofer, Jürg; Herrmann, Anne
2018Satisfaction, practices, and influences in agile software developmentKropp, Martin; Meier, Andreas; Anslow, Craig; Biddle, Robert
Results 1-15 of 180 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).