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2017-09-12MDG Profile for CAST : UML Extension for CAST (Causal Analysis based on STAMP)Contreras, Benjamin; Krauss, Sven Stefan; Hilbes, Christian
2017-10-25Unravelling contaminants in the anthropocene using statistical analysis of liquid chromatography–high-resolution mass spectrometry nontarget screening data recorded in lake sedimentsChiaia-Hernández, Aurea C.; Günthardt, Barbara F.; Frey, Martin; Hollender, Juliane
2016Characterization of light-gas interaction in strongly-scattering nanoporous materials and its implications for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopyVenturini, Francesca; Schönherr, Veit; Rey, Julien; Adolfsson, Erik
2012Sparen dank kluger LizenzverwaltungLiebhart, Daniel
2017-09-25Field testing of portable led flasher for nominal power measurements of pv-modules on-siteKnecht, Raphael; Baumgartner, Franz; Carigiet, Fabian; Frei, Christian; Beglinger, Fritz; Zaaiman, Willem; Pavanello, Diego; Field, Michael; Galleano, Roberto; Sample, Tony
2015Reliable cloud-applications : an implementation through service orchestrationEdmonds, Andrew; Dudouet, Florian; Erne, Michael
2017-09Wireless monitoring of manufacturing equipment powered by energy harvestingGruber, Juan-Mario
2015-08-263D microstructure effects in Ni-YSZ anodes : prediction of effective transport properties and optimization of redox stabilityPecho, Omar M.; Stenzel, Ole; Iwanschitz, Boris; Gasser, Philippe; Neumann, Matthias; Schmidt, Volker; Prestat, Michel; Hocker, Thomas; Flatt, Robert J.; Holzer, Lorenz
2017-12-02Fuel economy for aircraft operation as a function of weight and distanceSteinegger, Rolf
2014Model-based prediction of the ohmic resistance of metallic interconnects from oxide scale growth based on scanning electron microscopyLinder, Markus; Hocker, Thomas; Holzer, Lorenz; Friedrich, K. Andreas; Iwanschitz, Boris; Mai, Andreas; Schuler, J. Andreas