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dc.description.abstractGoogle Trends and other IT fever charts rate Data Science among the most rapidly emerging and promising fields that expand around computer science. Although Data Science draws on content from established fields like artificial intelligence, statistics, databases, visualization and many more, industry is demanding for trained data scientists that no one seems able to deliver. This is due to the pace at which the field has expanded and the corresponding lack of curricula; the unique skill set, which is inherently multi-disciplinary; and the translation work (from the US web economy to other ecosystems) necessary to realize the recognized world-wide potential of applying analytics to all sorts of data. In this contribution we draw from our experiences in establishing an inter-disciplinary Data Science lab in order to highlight the challenges and potential remedies for Data Science in Europe. We discuss our role as academia in the light of the potential societal/economic impact as well as the challenges in organizational leadership tied to such inter-disciplinary work.de_CH
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dc.subject.ddc004: Informatikde_CH
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dc.titleApplied data science in Europe : challenges for academia in keeping up with a highly demanded topicde_CH
dc.typeKonferenz: Paperde_CH
zhaw.departementSchool of Engineeringde_CH
zhaw.organisationalunitInstitut für Angewandte Informationstechnologie (InIT)de_CH
zhaw.conference.details9th European Computer Science Summit, Amsterdam, Niederlande, 8-9 October 2013de_CH
zhaw.publication.reviewPeer review (Publikation)de_CH
zhaw.title.proceedingsProceedings of the 9th European Computer Science Summitde_CH
zhaw.webfeedSoftware Systemsde_CH
zhaw.webfeedComputer Vision, Perception and Cognitionde_CH
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