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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Evaluation of restoration and flow interactions on river structure and function : channel widening of the Thur river, SwitzerlandMartin, Eduardo; Ryo, M.; Döring, Michael; Robinson, C. T.
2018Künstliches Hochwasser an der Saane : eine Massnahme zum nachhaltigen AuenmanagementDöring, Michael; Tonolla, Diego; Robinson, C. T.; Schleiss, A.; Stähly, S., et al
2018Robust quantification of riverine land cover dynamics by high-resolution remote sensingMilani, Gillian; Volpi, Michele; Tonolla, Diego; Döring, Michael; Robinson, Christopher T., et al
2017Ecological assessment of a sediment by-pass tunnel on a receiving stream in SwitzerlandMartin, E. J.; Döring, Michael; Robinson, C. T.
2017Merkblatt 6 : Sedimentumleitstollen und künstliche HochwasserFacchini, M.; Martín Sanz, E.; Vetsch, D.; Robinson, C. T.; Döring, Michael, et al
2017Merkblatt 2 : Sedimentdynamik und ihre Auswirkungen messenDöring, Michael; Facchini, M.; Fink, S.; Franca, M. J.; Martin, E., et al
2017Merkblatt 1 : Sedimentdynamik im GewässernetzWeber, C.; Döring, Michael; Fink, S.; Martin, E.; Robinson, C.T., et al
2017Measuring suspended sediments in periglacial reservoirs using water samples, laser in-situ scattering and transmissometry and acoustic Doppler current profilerEhrbar, D.; Schmocker, L.; Ehrbar, D.; Boes, R.M.; Döring, Michael
2017Merkblatt 5 : Dynamik und Biodiversität in AuenFink, S.; Döring, Michael; Franca, M.; Martín, E.; Nadyeina, O., et al
2017Measuring sediment fluxes in periglacial reservoirs using water samples, LISST and ADCPEhrbar, D.; Schmocker, L.; Vetsch, D.F.; Boes, R.M.; Döring, Michael
2017Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of actual and potential respiration in two contrasting floodplainsMori, N.; Brancelj, A.; Simcic, T.; Robinson, C.T.; Döring, Michael
Apr-2016Spatio-temporal relationships between habitat types and microbial function of an upland floodplainBodmer, P.; Freimann, R.; von Fumetti, S.; Robinson, C.T.; Döring, Michael
2016Instream Measures in einer alpinen Schwallstrecke – eine erste Bilanz von der HasliaareSchweizer, Steffen; Grand, Ralf; Frei, Janick; Schläppi, Sandro; Meyer, Matthias, et al
2015Ecological effects of sediment bypass tunnelsMartin, Eduardo; Döring, Michael; Robinson, C.T.
2015The response in floodplain respiration of an Alpine river to experimental inundation under different temperature regimesSimcic, T.; Mori, N.; Hossli, C.; Robinson, C. T.; Döring, Michael
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