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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2012-11-27Verpackung gegen LebensmittelverschwendungYildirim, Selçuk
2012-11-26Quality evaluation of olive oil by statistical analysis of multicomponent stable isotope dilution assay data of aroma active compoundsDierkes, Georg; Bongartz, Annette; Guth, Helmut; Hayen, Heiko
2012-11-15Future Directions in Food PackagingYildirim, Selçuk
2012-11Application of oxygen scavengers to prevent the discolouration of hamRenke, Nadine; Gsell, Vanessa; Yildirim, Selçuk
2012-10Application of a novel bioingredient based on co-fermentation of Weissella confusa and Propionibacterium freudenreichii to improve shelf-life and quality of bakery productsMalang, Saskia; Grattepanche, Frank; Mendez, Viktoria; Yildirim, Selçuk; Lacroix, Christophe
2012-09-09The important role of sensory evaluation in the development of novel multifunctional ingredientsSych, Janice Marie; Popp, Stephan; Bongartz, Annette; Mathias, Mathias; Grattepanche, Franck
2012-09Packaging gets active : improvement of preservation of food quality by using a novel oxygen scavenging filmYildirim, Selçuk; Kündig, Rene; Gsell, Vanessa; Renke, Nadine
2012-09Development of palladium based oxygen scavenging films for food packagingYildirim, Selçuk; Eberhard, Vanessa; Renke, Nadine
2012-09Einflüsse von modifizierter Atmosphärenverpackung auf die Qualität und Haltbarkeit von MuffinsKündig, Rene; Renke, Nadine; Wahrenberger, Priska; Yildirim, Selçuk
2012-09Consumer sensory expectations of Swiss organic yoghurtCezanne, Marie-Louise; Stolz, H.; Jahrl, I.; Baumgart, L.; Bongartz, Annette; Kretzschmar-Rüger, U.
2012-09Sensory marketing for the organic market : key insights from the EU funded project ECROPOLISCezanne, Marie-Louise; Baumgart, L.; Bongartz, Annette; Buchecker, K.; Canavari, M.; Gallina Toschi, T.; Kole, A.; Kostyra, E.; Kremer, S.; Reichl, P.; Spiller, A.; Zakowska-Biemans, S.; Kretzschmar-Rüger, U.
2012-07High-performance liquid chromatography−mass spectrometry profiling of phenolic compounds for evaluation of olive oil bitterness and pungencyDierkes, Georg; Krieger, Sonja; Dück, Roman; Bongartz, Annette; Schmitz, Oliver; Hayen, Heiko
2012-06Development of palladium based oxygen scavenging film for food packagingYildirim, Selçuk; Lohwasser, Wolfgang; Gsell, Vanessa; Renke, Nadine
2012-05-05Innovations in packaging through the application of nanotechnologyYildirim, Selçuk
2012Verpackung gegen LebensmittelverschwendungYildirim, Selçuk; Miescher, Susanna
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