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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
14-Nov-2013Guiding the development of multi-functional ingredients for bakery products : an overviewSych, Janice Marie; Kinner, Mathias; Popp, Martin; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Bongartz, Annette, et al
Oct-2013Potential of pre-treatments to reduce unacceptable colour and texture changes of chicken breasts occurring due to high pressure processingLamberti, Manuela; Bärtschi, Katharina; Yildirim, Selçuk
Oct-2013Olive Oil WorkshopBongartz, Annette
Jun-2013Use of an oxygen scavenger to prolong the shelf life of part baked breadKündig, Rene; Renke, Nadine; Wahrenberger, Priska; Kleinert, Michael; Kinner, Mathias, et al
Jun-2013Optimisation of gluten-free pasta – improvement of the nutritional qualityFlury, Christine; Kinner, Mathias; Yildirim, Selçuk; Kleinert, Michael; Schönlechner, Regine
14-May-2013Methoden der sensorischen und hedonischen AnalytikBongartz, Annette
Apr-2013Modeling and validation of heat and mass transfer in individual coffee beans during the coffee roasting process using computational fluid dynamic (CFD)Alonso-Torres, Beatriz; Hernandez-Pérez, José A; Sierra-Espinoza, Fernando; Schenker, Stefan; Yeretzian, Chahan
Apr-2013«Bake & pack» - Backwarenverpackungen unter der LupeRenke, Nadine; Kündig, Rene; Kinner, Mathias; Kleinert, Michael; Yildirim, Selçuk
Mar-2013Development and characterization of palladium based oxygen scavenger packaging filmYildirim, Selçuk; Eberhard, Sandra; Gsell, Vanessa; Renke, Nadine
2013Evaluación sensorial y aseguramiento de la calidad - comienza en la finca : el mercado del cacao y chocolate desde una perspectiva sensorialChatelain, Karin
2013The Swiss chocolate panel : a standardised language for the sensory evaluation of chocolate across companiesChatelain, Karin
2013Bacteriophage biocontrolFieseler, Lars; Loessner, Martin
2013Characterization of the microflora of industrial Mexican cheeses produced without added chemical preservativesSaxer, Samuel; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Lacroix, Christophe
2013High gas permeable food contact layer by electrospun nanofibersAdlhart, Christian; Renke, Nadine; Yildirim, Selçuk; Staudenmaier, Reto
2013Highly oxygen permeable electrospun webs as functional food contact layer for Pd-based oxygen scavenger filmsAdlhart, Christian; Yildirim, Selçuk
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