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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jun-2019Monitorowanie szkodników w trybie inteligentnymFahrentrapp, Johannes
22-Mar-2019Automated airborne pest monitoring of drosophila suzukii in crops and natural habitatsFahrentrapp, Johannes; Roosjen, Peter; Kooistra, Lammer; Gregory, Billy J.; Green, David R.
2-Feb-2019Exploring bacterial communities in aquaponic systemsEck, Mathilde; Sare, Abdoul; Massart, Sébastien; Schmautz, Zala; Junge, Ranka, et al
2019Suitability evaluation system for the production and sourcing of agricultural commoditiesJaisli, Isabel; Laube, Patrick; Trachsel, Sonja; Ochsner, Pascal; Schuhmacher, Sarah
2019Fischfutter – was passiert, wenn es nicht gut gelagert wird?Pietsch-Schmied, Constanze
2019Fish Welfare in Aquakultur, Besatz und ExperimentenPietsch-Schmied, Constanze
2019Influence of pH change on the phosphorus cycle in aquaponicsGartmann, Florentina; Schmautz, Zala; Junge, Ranka
2019Food trade between Brazil and Switzerland : pathways to drive family farming and sustainabilityJaisli, Isabel; Corrêa da Silva, Marcelo; Rossi Borges, João Augusto; Stucki, Matthias; Favarini Ruviaro, Claudio, et al
2019Treatment of aquaculture effluent with Chlorella vulgaris and Tetradesmus obliquus : the effect of pretreatment on microalgae growth and nutrient removal efficiencyTejido-Nuñez, Yaiza; Aymerich, Enrique; Sancho, Luis; Refardt, Dominik
2019Detection of gray mold leaf infections prior to visual symptom appearance using a five-band multispectral sensorFahrentrapp, Johannes; Ria, Francesco; Geilhausen, Martin; Panassiti, Bernd