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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
4-Sep-2017Synthetic Power-to-Gas methane as fuel for transportation : life cycle environmental impacts of the PtG methane supply chain powered by renewable electricityWettstein, Sarah; Stucki, Matthias
19-May-2017Anti-microbial coating innovations to prevent infectious diseases (AMiCI) : cost action ca15114Dunne, Colum P.; Keinänen-Toivola, Minna M.; Kahru, Anne; Teunissen, Birgit; Olmez, Hulya, et al
12-Apr-2017Amphiphilic nanofiber based aerogels from electrospun biopolymers for selective liquid absorptionDeuber, Fabian; Mousavi, Sara; Federer, Lukas; Adlhart, Christian
Apr-2017From short electrospun nanofibers to ultralight aerogels with tunable pore structureDeuber, Fabian; Adlhart, Christian
2017Extraction of carotenoids from Chlorella vulgaris using green solvents and syngas production from residual biomassDamergi, Eya; Schwitzguébel, Jean-Paul; Refardt, Dominik; Sharma, Shivom; Holliger, Christof, et al
2017Nanofiber-based aerogelsBurger, Tobias; Deuber, Fabian; Merk, Markus; Mousavi, Sara; Vejsadová, Lucie, et al
2017Exploitation of the biomethane potential from cattle manure solids by specific pretreatmentWarthmann, Rolf
2017Methodenentwicklung zur Kunststoffanalytik in organischen DüngernBaier, Urs; Moser, Yves; Edelmann, Michael
2017Steigerung des Biomethanpotentials von Rindergülle Feststoffen durch gezielte VorbehandlungBaier, Urs; Treichler, Alexander; Warthmann, Rolf; Hersener, Jean-Louis; Meier, Urs, et al
2017Sensorische Produkteigenschaften und PräferenzbildungHuber, Petra
2017Removal of Escherichia coli by intermittent operation of saturated sand columns supplemented with hydrochar derived from sewage sludgeChung, Jae Wook; Edewi, Oghosa Charles; Foppen, Jan Willem; Gerner, Gabriel; Krebs, Rolf, et al
2017True Color Pigments : die Suche nach dem perfekten FarbmittelBrühwiler, Dominik; Ecker, Achim
2017Catalytic supercritical water gasification : continuous methanization of Chlorella vulgarisPeng, Gaël; Vogel, Frédéric; Refardt, Dominik; Ludwig, Christian
2017Sensory measurement : evaluation and testing of cosmetic productsHuber, Petra
2017Fouling remediation during microscale synthesis of a phosphate modified TiO2-catalystJussen, Daniel; Hochstrasser, Martin; Riedlberger, Peter
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