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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Dec-2011Assessing the spatio-temporal pattern of winter sports activities to minimize disturbance in capercaillie habitatsRupf, Reto; Wyttenbach, Martin; Köchli, Daniel; Hediger Wille, Martina; Lauber, Salome; Ochsner, Pascal; Graf, Roland Felix
Dec-2011The perceived value of Facility Management in Swiss hospitalsHofer, Susanne; Stampfli, Heidi
Dec-2011Surface distribution and depths profiling of particulate organic UV absorbers by Raman imaging and tape strippingAdlhart, Christian; Baschong, Werner
8-Nov-2011Differential effects of lobe A and lobe B of the conserved oligomeric golgi complex on the stability of β1,4-galactosyltransferase 1 and α2,6-sialyltransferase 1Peanne, Romain; Legrand, Dominique; Duvet, Sandrine; Mir, Anne-Marie; Matthijs, Gert; Rohrer, Jack; Foulquier, Francois
12-Oct-2011Do you have an appetite for "Beauty Muffins"? : opportunities and limitations of enriched foods in Swiss lawHuber, Petra
3-Oct-2011Preservation of quality and safety of food through packaging : opportunities, potentials and challenges for improved, active and intelligent polymer nanomaterialsYildirim, Selçuk
29-Sep-2011Single-use cell culture systems arrive : tracking the evolution and development of an increasingly used technologyEibl-Schindler, Regine; Eibl, Dieter
Sep-2011Active packaging for foodYildirim, Selçuk
Sep-2011Structure based design and synthesis of novel MMP inhibitorsRiedl, Rainer; Fischer, Thomas; Züger, Patrik; Brand, Michael
Sep-2011Synthesis of tetracycline analoguesRiedl, Rainer; Brand, Michael; Sephton, Mark
Sep-2011Organic taste of yoghurt : Sensory insights out of the EC-project ECROPOLISBarylko-Pikielna, Nina; Bendini, Alessandra; Bongartz, Annette; Buchecker, Kirsten; Cezanne, Marie-Louise; Gallina Toschi, Tullia; Kostyra, Eliza; Kremer, Stefanie; Kretzschmar-Rüger, Ursula; Obermowe, Tim; Reichl, Pascale; Spiller, Achim; Stolz, Hanna
Sep-2011Comparison of different scales to measure consumers perception of attributes intensitiesPfeiffer, Barbara; Chatelain, Karin; Martin, C.; Bongartz, Annette
Sep-2011Sensory and chemical quality of a coffee brew : effect of different extraction methodsGloess, Alexia; Chatelain, Karin; Bongartz, Annette; Strittmatter, André; Rast, Markus; Yeretzian, Chahan
15-Aug-2011Tocopherol and ascorbate have contrasting effects on the viability of microencapsulated Lactobacillus rhamnosus GGYing, Dan Yang; Sanguansri, Luz; Weerakkody, Rangika; Singh, Tanoj K.; Freimüller Leischtfeld, Susette; Gantenbein-Demarchi, Corinne; Augustin, Mary Ann
Aug-2011Engineering characteristics of a single-use stirred bioreactor at benchtop scale : the Mobius CellReady 3 L bioreactor as case studyKaiser, Stephan; Eibl-Schindler, Regine; Eibl, Dieter
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