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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Characterization of phenolic compounds and their contribution to sensory properties of olive oilPedan, Vasilisa; Popp, Martin; Rohn, Sascha; Nyfeler, Matthias; Bongartz, Annette
6-Nov-2018Sugar reduction in granola / crunchy types of breakfast cerealsCezanne, Marie-Louise; Infanger, Esther; Schlüchter, Steffi; Bongartz, Annette
26-Oct-2016Evaluation of the “harmony value” : a sensory method to discriminate the quality range within the category of EVOOBongartz, Annette; Popp, Martin; Schneller, Reinhard; Oberg, Dieter
Aug-2015Increasing sensitivity of consumer testing : the impact of presentation design, consumption frequency and cognitive reflection type on test sensitivityGuksch, Thorsten; Cezanne, Marie-Louise; Julius, Nina; Kinner, Julia; Klauser, Eugenia, et al
Aug-2015Slow or fast thinkers? : cognitive reflection types and their ability to discriminate in consumer testsKinner, Julia; Bongartz, Annette
Aug-2015Heavy-users, light-users and age groups : the impact of age and consumption frequency on discrimination ability in a hedonic testKinner, Julia; Vjelkovic, Zorica; Bongartz, Annette
2015Die Etikette achtenSchneller, Reinhard; Popp, Martin; Bongartz, Annette
2015SpeiseöleBongartz, Annette; Popp, Martin; Schneller, Reinhard
2015KaffeeBongartz, Annette; Chatelain, Karin; Klauser, Eugenia
2015Textur von BackwarenCezanne, Marie-Louise; Kinner, Mathias; Popp, Martin; Bongartz, Annette; Kleinert, Michael
2015Habemus oleumBongartz, Annette; Popp, Martin; Schneller, Reinhard
2015BrotBongartz, Annette; Cezanne, Marie-Louise; Popp, Martin
Sep-2014“SENPAN” - Swiss panel of elderly people : insights into nutritional and sensory changes in elderly peopleRudorf, Julia; Clauss, Anne Sophie; Kinner, Julia; Bongartz, Annette; Brombach, Christine
Sep-2014Insights into sensory changes in elderly people : "SENPAN" - Swiss panel of elderly peopleRudorf, Julia; Kinner, Julia; Bongartz, Annette
Sep-2014"Harmony" of extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs)Popp, Martin; Bongartz, Annette
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