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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
9-Jun-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorder roomDelucchi, Matteo
27-May-2020Estrogenic activity of food contact materials : evaluation of 20 chemicals using a yeast estrogen screen on HPTLC or 96-well platesBergmann, Alan J.; Simon, Eszter; Schifferli, Andrea; Schönborn, Andreas; Vermeirssen, Etiënne L. M.
9-Apr-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorderDelucchi, Matteo; Schaper, Elke; Sachenkova, Oxana; Elofsson, Arne; Anisimova, Maria
2020Spatial transcriptional response of plants induced by compatible pathogens and its potential use in biosensor plantsFahrentrapp, Johannes
2020Visualizing codon usage within and across genomes : concepts and toolsOstash, Bohdan; Anisimova, Maria
5-Dec-2019Pseudomonas tructae sp. nov., novel species isolated from rainbow trout kidneyOh, Woo Taek; Jun, Jin Woo; Giri, Sib Sankar; Yun, Saekil; Kim, Hyoun Joong, et al
4-Oct-2019Tandem repeats lead to sequence assembly errors and impose multi-level challenges for genome and protein databasesTørresen, Ole K; Star, Bastiaan; Mier, Pablo; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A; Bateman, Alex, et al
20-Aug-2019The importance of genome sequence quality to microbial comparative genomicsSmits, Theo H.M.
18-Apr-2019Complete genome sequences of escherichia coli phages vB_EcoM-EP75 and vB_EcoP-EP335van Mierlo, Joël; Hagens, Steven; Witte, Sander; Klamert, Silvia; van de Straat, Leoni, et al
2019Evolutionary genomics : statistical and computational methodsAnisimova, Maria
2019Determination of absolute stereochemistry of flexible molecules using a vibrational circular dichroism spectra alignment algorithmBöselt, Lennard; Sidler, Dominik; Kittelmann, Tobias; Stohner, Jürgen; Zindel, Daniel, et al
2019Updated genome sequence and annotation for the full genome of Pseudomonas protegens CHA0Smits, Theo H.M.; Rezzonico, Fabio; Frasson, David; Vesga, Pilar; Vacheron, Jordan, et al
2019High-quality draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas reidholzensis strain CCOS 865TRutz, Dominik; Frasson, David; Sievers, Martin; Blom, Jochen; Rezzonico, Fabio, et al
2019Selection acting on genomesKosiol, Carolin; Anisimova, Maria
2019Unravelling the potential of seaweeds from the Black Sea coast of Romania as bioactive compounds sources : part I: Cystoseira barbata (Stackhouse) C. AgardhTrifan, Adriana; Vasincu, Alexandru; Luca, Simon Vlad; Neophytou, Christiana; Wolfram, Evelyn, et al
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