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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
16-Apr-2021Trends in molecular diagnosis and diversity studies for phytosanitary regulated XanthomonasCatara, Vittoria; Cubero, Jaime; Pothier, Joël; Bosis, Eran; Bragard, Claude, et al
17-Mar-2021Comparative genomics of Xanthomonas euroxanthea and Xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis strains isolated from a single walnut host treeFernandes, Camila; Martins, Leonor; Teixeira, Miguel; Blom, Jochen; Pothier, Joël, et al
28-Jan-2021Genetic characterization of Erwinia amylovora isolates detected in the wild walnut‑fruit forest of South KyrgyzstanDoolotkeldieva, Tinatin; Bobushova, Saikal; Carnal, Simon; Rezzonico, Fabio
2021The N-terminal region of Jaw1 has a role to inhibit the formation of organized smooth endoplasmic reticulum as an intrinsically disordered regionKozono, Takuma; Sato, Hiroyuki; Okumura, Wataru; Jogano, Chifuyu; Tamura-Nakano, Miwa, et al
24-Nov-2020Fire blight distribution in Georgia and characterization of selected Erwinia amylovora isolatesGaganidze, Dali; Sadunishvili, Tinatin; Aznarashvili, Mariam; Abashidze, Ekaterine; Gurielidze, Manana, et al
16-Nov-2020Genome-wide association study of intracranial aneurysms identifies 17 risk loci and genetic overlap with clinical risk factorsBakker, Mark K.; van der Spek, Rick A. A.; van Rheenen, Wouter; Morel, Sandrine; Bourcier, Romain, et al
6-Nov-2020Accelerating phylogeny-aware alignment with indel evolution using short time Fourier transformMaiolo, Massimo; Ulzega, Simone; Gil, Manuel; Anisimova, Maria
8-Oct-2020Complete or high-quality draft genome sequences of six Xanthomonas hortorum strains sequenced with short- and long-read technologiesDia, Nay C.; Rezzonico, Fabio; Smits, Theo H. M.; Pothier, Joël F.
5-Oct-2020Globoidnan A, rabdosiin and globoidnan B as new phenolic markers in European‐sourced comfrey ( Symphytum officinale L.) root samplesTrifan, Adriana; Wolfram, Evelyn; Esslinger, Nils; Grubelnik, Andreas; Skalicka‐Woźniak, Krystyna, et al
2-Sep-2020Typing plasmids with distributed sequence representationKaufmann, Moritz; Schüle, Martin; Smits, Theo; Pothier, Joël
18-Aug-2020Host–pathogen interactions between Xanthomonas fragariae and its host Fragaria × ananassa investigated with a dual RNA-Seq analysisGétaz, Michael; Puławska, Joanna; Smits, Theo H.M.; Pothier, Joël F.
9-Jun-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorder roomDelucchi, Matteo
27-May-2020Estrogenic activity of food contact materials : evaluation of 20 chemicals using a yeast estrogen screen on HPTLC or 96-well platesBergmann, Alan J.; Simon, Eszter; Schifferli, Andrea; Schönborn, Andreas; Vermeirssen, Etiënne L. M.
9-Apr-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorderDelucchi, Matteo; Schaper, Elke; Sachenkova, Oxana; Elofsson, Arne; Anisimova, Maria
2020Spatial transcriptional response of plants induced by compatible pathogens and its potential use in biosensor plantsFahrentrapp, Johannes
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