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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2003Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung im Alpenraum : Forschungsprojekt im Rahmen des NFP48 Landschaften und Lebensräume der AlpenCarabias-Hütter, Vicente; Spiess, Harry; Weiss Sampietro, Thea; Renner, Erich; Stuppäck, Silvia
2003Development for the production of cis-diols using chlorobenzene dioxygenaseYildirim, Selçuk; Kohler, H. E.; Wohlgemuth, R.; Witholt, B.; Schmid, A.
2003Enantioselective synthesis of key intermediates in a novel approach towards the Iboga-alkaloid familyHöck, Stefan; Borschberg, Hans-Jürg
2003Cloning, sequence analysis and expression of the F1F0- ATPase beta-subunit from wine lactic acid bacteriaSievers, Martin; Uermösi, Christina; Fehlmann, Marc; Krieger, Sibylle
2003Structure of Ni(II) and Ru(III) ammine complexes grafted onto mesoporous silicate sieveBrühwiler, Dominik; Frei, Heinz
2003A new application of PTR-MS : aroma generation through the Maillard reactionBlank, Imre; Pollien, Philippe; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Progress and prospects of PTR-MS in food scienceYeretzian, Chahan; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo
2003Comparison of nosespace, headspace, and sensory intensity ratings for the evaluation of flavor absorption by fatRoberts, Deborah D.; Pollien, Philippe; Antille, Nicolas; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Real-time monitoring of 4-vinylguaiacol, guaiacol and phenol during roasting by resonant laser ionisation time-of-flight mass-spectrometryDorfner, Ralph; Ferge, Thomas; Kettrup, Anthonius; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Analysing the headspace of coffee by proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometryYeretzian, Chahan; Jordan, Alfons; Lindinger, Werner
2003Reath-by-breath analysis of banana aroma by proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometryMayr, Dagmar; Maerk, Tilmann; Lindinger, Werner; Brevard, Hugues; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Liquid-gas partition coefficients of volatile organic compounds : using proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometry (PTR-MS)Karl, Thomas; Yeretzian, Chahan; Jordan, Alfons; Lindinger, Werner
2003Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry, a tool for on-line monitoring of acrylamide formation in the headspace of maillard reaction systems and processed foodPollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan; Blank, Imre
2003Coupling GC-MS with PTR-MS for unambiguous chemical characterisation of on-line PTR-MS spectraLindinger, Christian; Pollien, Philippe; Ali, Santo; Märk, Tilmann; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Simultaneous real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nose-space analysis by proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometry during eatingLindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo; Buettner, Andrea; Schieberle, Peter; Stoupis, Christoforos; Vock, Peter; Yeretzian, Chahan
Results 3271-3285 of 3592 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).