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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2004Metal solubilization from metal-containing solid materials by Chromobacterium violaceumFaramazi, Mohammad; Stagars, Marion; Pensini, Enrico; Krebs, Walter; Brandl, Helmut
2004Microbial metal mobilization from solids by cyanogenic microorganismsFaramazi, Mohammad; Pensini, Enrico; Krebs, Walter; Brandl, Helmut
2004Microbial metal mobilization from rocks by HCN-forming bacteriaBrandl, Helmut; Faramzi, Mohammad; Stadelmann, Benaja; Krebs, Walter
2004Reactions of [Re(NO)2(PR3)2][BArF4] complexes with phenylacetyleneFrech, C. M.; Llamazares, A.; Alfonso, M.; Schmalle, H. W.; Berke, H.
2004Produktekontrolle vor und nach der AbfüllungFlüeler, Thomas
2004Die Mischung macht's - integrierte PflanzsystemeFöhn, Martina
2004Chirality transfer in an Ireland-Claisen rearrangement : a new approach toward the Iboga alkaloidsHöck, Stefan; Koch, Florian; Borschberg, Hans-Jürg
5-Sep-2003Nosespace analysis with proton-transfer reaction mass spectrometry : intra- and interpersonal variabilityRoberts, Deborah D.; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
Sep-2003Baubegleitendes Facility ManagementHubbuch, Markus
Aug-2003Biotransformation of aromatic nitriles to cis-dihydrodiols using chlorobenzene dioxygenase in E. coli as biocatalystYildirim, Selçuk; Ruinatscha, R; Wohlgemuth, R.; Kohler, H. E.; Witholt, B.; Schmid, A.
1-Aug-2003Liquid-air partitioning of volatile compounds in coffee : dynamic measurements using proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometryPollien, Philippe; Jordan, Alfons; Lindinger, Werner; Yeretzian, Chahan
Aug-2003Discrimination of flow regions on the basis of stained infiltration patterns in soil profilesKulli, Beatrice; Stamm, Christian; Papritz, Andreas; Flühler, Hannes
4-Jul-2003Characterization of the endosomal sorting signal of the cation-dependent mannose 6-phosphate receptorNair, Prashant; Schaub, Beat E; Rohrer, Jack
18-Jun-2003Catalytically accelerated gaseous phase reactionsChen, Peter; Plattner, Dietmar, A.; Hinderling, Christian; Feichtinger, Derek; Adlhart, Christian
29-Apr-2003Comparing intrinsic reactivities of the first- and second-generation ruthenium metathesis catalysts in the gas phaseAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
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