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2019In vitro endothelialization of surface-integrated nanofiber networks for stretchable blood interfacesWeidenbacher, Lukas; Müller, Eike; Guex, Anne Géraldine; Zündel, Manuel; Schweizer, Peter; Marina, Vita; Adlhart, Christian; Vejsadová, Lucie; Pauer, Robin; Spiecker, Erdmann; Maniura-Weber, Katharina; Ferguson, Stephen J.; Rossi, René M.; Rottmar, Markus; Fortunato, Giuseppino
2019Surface enriched nanofiber mats for efficient adsorption of Cr(VI) inspired by natureMousavi, Sara; Shahraki, Farhad; Aliabadi, Majid; Haji, Aminoddin; Deuber, Fabian; Adlhart, Christian
2019Real-time inline monitoring of zeolite synthesis by Photon Density Wave spectroscopyHäne, Janick; Brühwiler, Dominik; Ecker, Achim; Hass, Roland
Sep-2018Power-to-Gas für den Klimaschutz : wie umweltfreundlich ist synthetisches Methan?Stucki, Matthias; Itten, René
2018Indigo in the nanochannels of zeolite L : towards a new type of colorantWoodtli, Pascal; Giger, Sandro; Müller, Patrick; Sägesser, Lucie; Zucchetto, Nicola; Reber, Michael; Ecker, Achim; Brühwiler, Dominik
2018The ejector loop reactor : application for microbial fermentation and comparison with a stirred-tank bioreactorUghetti, Manuel; Jussen, Daniel; Riedlberger, Peter
2018Valorization of an untapped resource : energy and greenhouse gas emissions benefits of converting manure to biogas through anaerobic digestionBurg, Vanessa; Bowman, Gillianne; Haubensak, Michael; Baier, Urs; Thees, Oliver
2018Restmethanpotenzial auf BiogasanlagenRüsch, Florian; Nägele, Hans-Joachim; Baier, Urs
4-Sep-2017Synthetic Power-to-Gas methane as fuel for transportation : life cycle environmental impacts of the PtG methane supply chain powered by renewable electricityWettstein, Sarah; Stucki, Matthias
19-May-2017Anti-microbial coating innovations to prevent infectious diseases (AMiCI) : cost action ca15114Dunne, Colum P.; Keinänen-Toivola, Minna M.; Kahru, Anne; Teunissen, Birgit; Olmez, Hulya; Gouveia, Isabel; Melo, Luis; Murzyn, Kazimierz; Modic, Martina; Ahonen, Merja; Askew, Pete; Papadopoulos, Theofilos; Adlhart, Christian; Crijns, Francy R. L.
12-Apr-2017Amphiphilic nanofiber based aerogels from electrospun biopolymers for selective liquid absorptionDeuber, Fabian; Mousavi, Sara; Federer, Lukas; Adlhart, Christian
Apr-2017From short electrospun nanofibers to ultralight aerogels with tunable pore structureDeuber, Fabian; Adlhart, Christian
2017Nanofiber-based aerogelsBurger, Tobias; Deuber, Fabian; Merk, Markus; Mousavi, Sara; Vejsadová, Lucie; Adlhart, Christian
2017Sensorische Produkteigenschaften und PräferenzbildungHuber, Petra
2017Sensory measurement : evaluation and testing of cosmetic productsHuber, Petra
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