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13-Aug-2019Preparation of highly active phosphated TiO2 catalysts via continuous sol–gel synthesis in a microreactorMartin, Oliver; Bolzli, Nicole; Puértolas, Begoña; Pérez-Ramírez, Javier; Riedlberger, Peter
Jul-2019Enhanced process insights in shake flask cultivationsJohn, Gernot. T; Maschke, Rüdiger
13-Feb-2019Device for the extraction and analysis of gasesAdlhart, Christian; Schneider, Frank; Hug, Thomas Silvan
2019Screening for active substances with TLC bioautography : challenges with artefactsMerki, Rebekka; Schönborn, Andreas; Pihan, Lisa-Anna-Maria; Wolfram, Evelyn
2019High consistency of structure-based design and x-ray crystallography : design, synthesis, kinetic evaluation and crystallographic binding mode determination of biphenyl-N-acyl-β-D-glucopyranosylamines as glycogen phosphorylase inhibitorsFischer, Thomas; Koulas, Symeon M.; Tsagkarakou, Anastasia S.; Kyriakis, Efthimios; Stravodimos, George A.; Skamnaki, Vassiliki T.; Liggri, Panagiota G.V.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Riedl, Rainer; Leonidas, Demetres D.
2019Evolution of self-organized microcapsules with variable conductivities from self-assembled nanoparticles at interfacesMihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
2019Towards 99mTc- and Re-based multifunctional silica platforms for theranostic applicationsWuillemin, Michel A.; Reber, Michael; Fox, Thomas; Spingler, Bernhard; Brühwiler, Dominik; Alberto, Roger; Braband, Henrik
2019pH-responsive pickering foams generated by surfactant-free soft hydrogel particlesWu, Dalin; Mihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
2019Subspecies typing of Streptococcus agalactiae based on ribosomal subunit protein mass variation by MALDI-TOF MSRothen, Julian; Pothier, Joël F.; Foucault, Frédéric; Blom, Jochen; Nanayakkara, Dulmini; Li, Carmen; Ip, Margaret; Tanner, Marcel; Vogel, Guido; Pflüger, Valentin; Daubenberger, Claudia A.
2019Nanofiber immobilized CeO2/dendrimer nanoparticles : an efficient photocatalyst in the visible and the UVMousavi, Sara; Shahraki, Farhad; Aliabadi, Majid; Haji, Aminoddin; Deuber, Fabian; Adlhart, Christian
11-Jul-2018Antiprotozoal compoundsAgnello, Stefano; Adams, Michael; Kaiser, Marcel; Mäser, Pascal; Urban, Alexander; Raguz, Luka; Riedl, Rainer
2018Investigating absolute stereochemical configuration with coulomb explosion imagingPitzer, Martin; Berger, Robert; Stohner, Jürgen; Dörner, Reinhard; Schöffler, Markus
2018How effect-based activity profiling can contribute to safer irrigation water : the example of the planar-YESSchönborn, Andreas; Mainetti, Tamara
2018Small chiral molecules : synthesis, spectroscopy and quantum dynamics : SFB-Se­mi­nar gehalten an der Universität Kassel, 19. November 2018Stohner, Jürgen
2018Small chiral molecules : ! Useful species to study chiroptical propertiesStohner, Jürgen
Results 1-15 of 340 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).