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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Some European green roof norms and guidelines through the lens of biodiversity : do ecoregions and plant traits also matter?Catalano, Chiara; Laudicina, Vito Armando; Badalucco, Luigi; Guarino, Riccardo
2018Freshwater ecoacoustics as a tool for continuous ecosystem monitoringLinke, Simon; Gifford, Toby; Desjonquères, Camille; Tonolla, Diego; Aubin, Thierry, et al
2018Künstliches Hochwasser an der Saane : eine Massnahme zum nachhaltigen AuenmanagementDöring, Michael; Tonolla, Diego; Robinson, C. T.; Schleiss, A.; Stähly, S., et al
Jan-2018Introduction: “Looking up” to green roofs to understand urban biodiversity : a decade onMacIvor, J. Scott; Starry, Olyssa; Brenneisen, Stephan; Baumann, Nathalie; Grant, Gary, et al
2018Evaluation of restoration and flow interactions on river structure and function : channel widening of the Thur river, SwitzerlandMartin, Eduardo; Ryo, M.; Döring, Michael; Robinson, C. T.
2018Robust quantification of riverine land cover dynamics by high-resolution remote sensingMilani, Gillian; Volpi, Michele; Tonolla, Diego; Döring, Michael; Robinson, Christopher T., et al
2018Global trait–environment relationships of plant communitiesBruelheide, Helge; Dengler, Jürgen; Purschke, Oliver; Lenoir, Jonathan; Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja, et al
Jan-2018Local habitat characteristics have a stronger effect than the surrounding urban landscape on beetle communities on green roofKyrö, Kukka; Brenneisen, Stephan; Kotze, Johan; Szallies, Alexander; Gerner, Magdalena, et al
2018Ecological design to shape new urbanitiesCatalano, Chiara
2018Life Cycle Assessment SNG für den StrassenverkehrStucki, Matthias; Wettstein, Sarah
2018Toxicity of ochratoxin to early life stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio)Tschirren, Linda; Siebenmann, Seraina; Pietsch-Schmied, Constanze
2018Macroinvertebrate drift response to hydropeaking simulations with varying peak discharge and ramping velocitiesSchülting, Lisa; Dossi, Florian; Graf, Wolfram; Tonolla, Diego
2018Ethoxyquin : a feed additive that poses a risk for aquatic lifeEgloff, Sophia; Pietsch-Schmied, Constanze
2018Outstanding challenges in the transferability of ecological modelsYates, Katherine L.; Bouchet, Phil J.; Caley, M Julian; Mengersen, Kerrie; Randin, Christophe F., et al
2018Stranden von Makrozoobenthos infolge von Schwall und SunkTonolla, Diego; Di Cugno, Nina; Kastenhofer, Olivier
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