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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Dec-2011Surface distribution and depths profiling of particulate organic UV absorbers by Raman imaging and tape strippingAdlhart, Christian; Baschong, Werner
2011Organomimetic skin model production based on a novel bioprinting technologyRimann, Markus; Bleisch, Matthias; Kuster, Michael; Thurner, Marc; Meier, Christoph; Bossen, Anke; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2011Ex-vivo evaluation of thermoreversible hylauronan-based hydrogel as mesenchymal stem cells carrier for nucleus pulposus repairStriegl, Britta; Grad, Sibylle; Eglin, David; Benneker, Lorin; Bono, Epifania; Alini, Mauro; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Peroglio, Marianna
2011Plant extracts to overcome negative effects of glycation in human skinGraf-Hausner, Ursula; Schmid, Daniel; Bono, Epifania
2011Applying macromolecular crowding to enhance extracellular matrix deposition and its remodeling in vitro for tissue engineering and cell-based therapiesChen, Clarice; Loe, Felicia; Blocki, Anna; Peng, Yanxian; Raghunath, Michael
6-May-2010Anti-Aging - wo stehen wir? : Theorien und Hypothesen zur HautalterungHuber, Petra; Hess, Karin
2010Disc regeneration : automation for a new cell-based approachFranscini, Nicola; Bono, Epifania; Durner, Roland; Wuertz, Karin; Boos, Norbert; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2010Gesundheitstourismus Position und PotentialHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne
2010Anti-Aging - wo stehen wir? : Theorien und Hypothesen zur HauthalterungHess, Karin; Huber, Petra
2010Anti-Aging - where do we stand? : theories and hypotheses on skin agingHuber, Petra