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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2012Enhancing CyBy2 : visualization of structure activity relationships of large datasetsRiedl, Rainer; Höck, Stefan
2012Rhamnose-inducible gene expression in Listeria monocytogenesFieseler, Lars; Schmitter, Sibylle; Teiserskas, Justinas; Loessner, Martin J.
2012Biocontrol of Salmonella Typhimurium in RTE foods with the virulent bacteriophage FO1-E2Guenther, Susanne; Herzig, Oliver; Fieseler, Lars; Klumpp, Jochen; Loessner, Martin J.
2012Macromolecular crowding directs extracellular matrix organization and mesenchymal stem cell behaviorZeiger, Adam S.; Loe, Felicia C.; Li, Ran; Raghunath, Michael; Van Vliet, Krystyn J.
2011CyBy2 : a modular rich client for the chemical and biological information managementRiedl, Rainer; Höck, Stefan
2011Biofilme in wassermischbaren KühlschmierstoffenKrebs, Walter; Berner, Florian; Rüfenacht, Andrea
2011Bacteriophages and food safetyFieseler, Lars; Loessner, Martin; Hagens, Steven
2011Bakteriophagen : Grundlagen, Rolle in Lebensmitteln und Anwendungen zum Nachweis sowie der Kontrolle von KrankheitserregernHeller, Knut; Loessner, Martin; Fieseler, Lars
2011Novel virulent and broad-host-range Erwinia amylovora bacteriophages reveal a high degree of mosaicism and a relationship to enterobacteriaceae phagesBorn, Yannick; Fieseler, Lars; Marazzi, Janine; Lurz, Rudi; Duffy, Brion, et al
2011Applying macromolecular crowding to enhance extracellular matrix deposition and its remodeling in vitro for tissue engineering and cell-based therapiesChen, Clarice; Loe, Felicia; Blocki, Anna; Peng, Yanxian; Raghunath, Michael
2011Best practices in heterotrophic high-cell-density microalgal processes : achievements, potential and possible limitationsBumbak, Fabian; Cook, Stella; Zachleder, Vilém; Hauser, Silas; Kovar, Karin
4-May-2010Combined use of fluorescent dyes and flow cytometry to quantify the physiological state of Pichia pastoris during the production of heterologous proteins in high-cell-density fed-batch culturesHyka, Petr; Züllig, Thomas; Ruth, Claudia; Looser, Verena; Meier, Christian, et al
2010Plant-pollinator network assembly along the chronosequence of a glacier forelandAlbrecht, Matthias; Riesen, Matthias; Schmid, Bernhard
2010Biofilms in metalworking fluidsBerner, Florian; Inauen, Silvio; Rüfenacht, Andrea; Krebs, Walter
2010Biofilms in metalworking fluidsBerner, Florian; Inauen, Silvio; Rüfenacht, Andrea; Krebs, Walter
Results 136-150 of 152 (Search time: 0.01 seconds).