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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Direct plantlet inoculation with soil or insect-associated fungi may control cabbage root fly maggotsRazinger, Jaka; Lutz, Matthias; Schroers, Hans-Josef; Palmisano, Marilena; Wohler, Christian, et al
2014Prevalence of type III secretion system in effective biocontrol pseudomonadsAlmario, Juliana; Gobbin, Davide; Défago, Geneviève; Moënne-Loccoz, Yvan; Rezzonico, Fabio
2014Detection of the causative agent of fire blight – Erwinia amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al. – in the southeast of KazakhstanDjaimurzina, A.; Umiralieva, Z.; Zharmukhamedova, G.; Born, Yannick; Bühlmann, A., et al
2014Proceedings of the 13th international workshop on fire blightRezzonico, Fabio; Smits, Theo H.M.; Holliger, Eduard
2014Bakteriophagen zur Kontrolle von Salmonella Typhimurium in LebensmittelnFieseler, Lars
2014A cocktail of two bacteriophages is required to control Salmonella in vitroFieseler, Lars; Klumpp, Jochen
2014Visualisation of multiple sequence alignment and phylogenyAnisimova, Maria
2014CyBy2 : a modular Rich Client for the chemical and biological Information ManagementHöck, Stefan
2014The tail-associated depolymerase of Erwinia amylovoraphage L1 mediates host cell adsorption and enzymatic capsule removal, which can enhance infection by other phageBorn, Yannick; Fieseler, Lars; Klumpp, Jochen; Eugster, Marcel R.; Zurfluh, Katrin, et al
2014Mikroalgen im Einsatz für die Schönheit : Forschungskooperationen mit der ZHAW am Beispiel IBT und ILGI (Input-Referat)Huber, Petra; Kovar, Karin
2014Comparative genomics of Erwinia amylovora isolates from MexicoSmits, Theo H.M.; Guerrero-Prieto, V. M.; Hernandez-Escarcega, G.; Rezzonico, Fabio; Blom, J., et al
2014Nanopore-based instruments as biosensors for future planetary missionsRezzonico, Fabio
Oct-2013Phylogenetic position and virulence apparatus of the pear flower necrosis pathogen Erwinia piriflorinigrans CFBP 5888T as assessed by comparative genomicsSmits, Theo H. M.; Rezzonico, Fabio; López, Maria M.; Blom, Jochen; Goesmann, Alexander, et al
Oct-2013Xanthomonas arboricola pv. fragariae : what's in a name?Vandroemme, Joachim; Cottyn, Bart; Pothier, Joël F.; Pflüger, Valentin; Duffy, Brion, et al
Aug-2013Complete sequence of Erwinia piriflorinigrans plasmids pEPIR37 and pEPIR5 and role of pEPIR37 in pathogen virulenceBarbé, Silva; Llop, Pablo; Blom, Jochen; Cabrefiga, Jose; Goesmann, Alexander, et al
Results 46-60 of 86 (Search time: 0.034 seconds).