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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Glaciimonas frigoris sp. nov., a psychrophilic bacterium isolated from ancient Siberian permafrost sediment, and emended description of the genus GlaciimonasMargesin, Rosa; Zhang, De-Chao; Frasson, David; Brouchkov, Anatoli
2016Engineered phages for efficient control and rapid detection of viable Erwinia amylovora cellsBorn, Yannick; Leimer, Nadja; Thöny, Valentin; Zurfluh, Katrin; Eugster, Marcel, et al
2016Evolution from mathematician to bioinformatician by natural selectionAnisimova, Maria
2016Identification of phage receptors in Erwinia amylovora after transposon mutagenesisKnecht, Leandra; Born, Yannick; Loessner, Martin; Fieseler, Lars
2016The effectiveness of T5-like phages to control Salmonella entericaBorn, Yannick; Fieseler, Lars
Jul-2015Protection of Erwinia amylovora bacteriophage Y2 from UV-induced damage by natural compoundsBorn, Yannick; Bosshard, Lars; Duffy, Brion; Loessner, Martin; Fieseler, Lars
May-2015Evaluation of a real-time PCR and a loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni in plant tissue samplesPalacio-Bielsa, Ana; López-Soriano, Pablo; Bühlmann, Andreas; van Doorn, Joop; Pham, Khanh, et al
21-Apr-2015Molekulare Schnellmethode für den Legionellen-TestFreimüller Leischtfeld, Susette; Weber, Stefan; Kuhn, Roger; Schmid, Jürg; Fieseler, Lars
18-Mar-2015Ribosomal protein biomarkers provide root nodule bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF MSZiegler, Dominik; Pothier, Joël F.; Ardley, Julie; Kouakou Fossou, Romain; Pflüger, Valentin, et al
2015Encapsulation and controlled release of bacteriophages for food protection using electrospun nanofibersAdlhart, Christian; Born, Yannick; Fuchs, Michael; Fieseler, Lars; Pavlovic, Branislav
2015A bacteriophage cocktail to control Salmonella TyphimuriumBorn, Yannick; Fieseler, Lars
2015Glaciimonas alpina sp. nov. isolated from alpine glaciers and reclassification of Glaciimonas immobilis Cr9-12 as the type strain of Glaciimonas alpina sp. nov.Frasson, David; Udovičić, Matije; Frey, Beat; Lapanje, Aleš; Zhang, De-Chao, et al
2015Local adaptation at range edgesv: comparing elevation and latitudinal gradientsHalbritter, A. H.; Billeter, Regula; Edwards, P. J.; Alexander, Jake M.
2015Implications of the phage depolymerase DpoL1 on Erwinia amylovoraBorn, Yannick; Klumpp, Jochen; Zurfluh, Katrin; Duffy, Brion; Loessner, Martin, et al
2015Bakteriophagen zur Bekämpfung von FeuerbrandBorn, Yannick; Knecht, Leandra; Pelludat, Cosima; Duffy, Brion; Loessner, Martin, et al
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