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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
30-Aug-2018Resource efficiency and life cycle innovation in the healthcare sectorMuir, Karen; Stucki, Matthias; Keller, Regula
30-Aug-2018Transformation of waste to resources : life cycle based benefits of the circular economyItten, René; Stucki, Matthias
24-Aug-2018Maische-Extraktion und Ausbau bei RotweinHäfele, Martin; Flüeler, Thomas; Bernath, Konrad; Kümin, Nadja; Hühn, Tilo
22-Aug-2018How can expert knowledge increase the realism of conceptual hydrological models? : a case study based on the concept of dominant runoff process in the Swiss Pre-AlpsAntonetti, Manuel; Zappa, Massimiliano
20-Aug-2018A concise guide to active agents for active food packagingVilela, Carla; Kurek, Mia; Hayouka, Zvi; Röcker, Bettina; Yildirim, Selçuk; Antunes, Maria Dulce C.; Nilsen-Nygaard, Julie; Pettersen, Marit Kvalvåg; Freire, Carmen S.R.
13-Aug-2018Molecular investigation of isolates from a multistate polymicrobial outbreak associated with contaminated total parenteral nutrition in BrazilPillonetto, Marcelo; Arend, Lavinia; Gomes, Suzie M. T.; Oliveira, Marluce A. A.; Timm, Loeci N.; Martins, Andreza F.; Barth, Afonso L.; Mazzetti, Alana; Hersemann, Lena; Smits, Theo H. M.; Mira, Marcelo T.; Rezzonico, Fabio
2-Aug-2018Bioactive compound fingerprint analysis of aged raw pu’er tea and young ripened pu’er teaPedan, Vasilisa; Rohn, Sascha; Holinger, Mirjam; Hühn, Tilo; Chetschik, Irene
2-Aug-2018GrassPlot – a database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslandsDengler, Jürgen; Wagner, Viktoria; Dembicz, Iwona; García-Mijangos, Itziar; Naqinezhad, Alireza; Boch, Steffen; Chiarucci, Alessandro; Conradi, Timo
Aug-2018Grasslands of the world : diversity, management and conservationSquires, V.R.; Dengler, Jürgen; Feng, H.; Hua, L.
Aug-2018Neue ISO-Standards zum Thema «Healthcare Organization Management»Gerber, Nicole
Aug-2018Palaearctic grasslands in transition : overarching patterns and future prospectsTörök, Péter; Dengler, Jürgen
Aug-2018Grasslands of western and northern Europe – between intensification and abandonmentDengler, Jürgen; Tischew, Sabine
Aug-2018Das Batteriesystem im FrühstückswagenSantis, Alejandro; Züger, Gabriela
Aug-2018Ambient intelligence : was heisst das konkret?Gerber, Nicole; Kofler, Andrea
Aug-2018The distance between forests and crops affects the abundance of Drosophila suzukii during fruit ripening, but not during harvestCahenzli, Fabian; Bühlmann, Irene; Daniel, Claudia; Fahrentrapp, Johannes
Results 46-60 of 387 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).