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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2017Herzgesunde Nüsse und KerneBrombach, Christine
Oct-2017Lenkung der Baumwurzeln in StadtbaumsubstratenHeinrich, Axel; Saluz, Andrea Gion
30-Sep-2017The environmental mitigation potential of photovoltaic-powered irrigation in the production of South African maizeWettstein, Sarah; Muir, Karen; Scharfy, Deborah; Stucki, Matthias
27-Sep-2017Predictive-prescriptive analytics for combustion monitoring in gas turbine power plantsDanafar, Somayeh; Kryszczuk, Krzysztof; Gassner, Martin; Bernero, Stefano
22-Sep-2017Wissenschaftskommunikation mit WirkungMüller, Urs; Wilhelm, Sandra
15-Sep-2017Zearalenone (ZEN) and its influence on regulation of gene expression in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) liver tissuePietsch-Schmied, Constanze
14-Sep-2017Phylogenomic, pan-genomic, pathogenomic and evolutionary genomic insights into the agronomically relevant enterobacteria Pantoea ananatis and Pantoea stewartiiDe Maayer, Pieter; Aliyu, Habibu; Vikram, Surendra; Blom, Jochen; Duffy, Brion, et al
12-Sep-2017Unterpflanzungen fördern Gehölze längerfristigSaluz, Andrea Gion; Heinrich, Axel
7-Sep-2017Measuring the perceived morphological complexity of intracranial aneurysmsJuchler, Norman; Schilling, Sabine; Bijlenga, Philippe; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan; Hirsch, Sven
6-Sep-2017Assessment of cleantech options to mitigate the environmental impact of South African dairy and maize farmingKeller, Regula; Eymann, Lea; Wettstein, Sarah; Steinegger, Tobias; von Blottnitz, Harro, et al
4-Sep-2017Synthetic Power-to-Gas methane as fuel for transportation : life cycle environmental impacts of the PtG methane supply chain powered by renewable electricityWettstein, Sarah; Stucki, Matthias
4-Sep-2017Wooden mounting systems : how to reduce environmental impacts of building integrated photovoltaic power plantsItten, René; Stucki, Matthias; Steinegger, Tobias
4-Sep-2017High efficient 3rd generation multi-junction solar cells using silicon heterojunction and perovskite technology : life cycle based environmental impactsStucki, Matthias; Itten, René
Sep-2017Brotgenuss aus dem vollen KornBrombach, Christine
Sep-2017Detecting selection signature in genomics sequencesAnisimova, Maria
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