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2016Facility Management in Swiss hospitals : providing a critical competitive advantageHofer, Susanne
2016Tagungsband zum Symposium Facility Management – here we go! : Standortbestimmung einer MilliardenbrancheWindlinger Inversini, Lukas; Hofer, Susanne; Keller Foletti, Barbara; Schlegel, Ronald; Arnold Moos, Irene
2016A systematic look at FM’s organizational structure in Swiss hospitalsHonegger, Franziska; Mäder, Melanie; Wattenhofer, Dominik; Hofer, Susanne
2016Optimisation of nutrional situation : a case study at a school for adults in SwitzerlandZüger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2016Risk management - hygiene and Legionella in water systems in hospitals : relevance for facility management and facility servicesLeiblein, Thomas; Tucker, Matthew; Ashall, Mal; Al Khaddar, Rafid; Hofer, Susanne
2016Legionella and risk management in hospitals : a bibliographic research methodology for people responsible for built environment and facility managementLeiblein, Thomas; Tucker, Matt; Ashall, Mal; Lee, Susanne; Gollnisch, Carsten; Hofer, Susanne
2016Facility management in healthcare institutions : why the non-medical processes are well worth a closer lookHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne; Gerber, Nicole; Züger, Gabriela
2016The strategic necessity of Facility ManagementHofer, Susanne; Honegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela; Gerber, Nicole
2016Compilation and classification / reference model of KPIs for non-medical support services in hospitalsGerber, Nicole; Hofer, Susanne
2016Towards enterprise application integration principles for facility management software in hospitalsGerber, Nicole; Tschümperlin, Carina; Mohd-Noor, Nasali; Hofer, Susanne
Sep-2015Duty holders for Legionella prevention in healthcare organisations : the implications for Facility ManagementHofer, Susanne; Tucker, Matt; Gollnisch, Carsten; Ashall, Mal; Lee, Susanne B.; Leiblein, Thomas
2015Towards a comprehensive key performance indicators reference model for non-medical support services / facility management in hospitalsHofer, Susanne; Gerber, Nicole
2015Role model for chief facility managing officers (CFMOs) based on the service allocation model for service companies (SAMoS) : a theoretical reflection and basis for discussionHofer, Susanne; Gerber, Nicole
2015Pflege im Spagat von Ressourcenknappheit und Technologiewandel : eine Herausforderung, die zur Chance werden mussKofler, Andrea; Hofer, Susanne
2015People make FM : an approach to professionalising FM services in a Swiss hospitalHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne
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